Tuesday, March 20, 2012



I actually got teamed up with one of the hosts of the swap! 
It's really been fun getting to know Ashlee, especially through twitter.
Have I mentioned I LOVE twitter?
I even got J to join twitter.  Ya'll that's a miracle, he HATES social media

I was excited to shop for Ashlee's mug,
and SO excited when I got my package!!  

Ashlee, I LOVE my mug!!
It's perfect.
I love when mugs just *fit* in your hand
And this one does!!

She sent the sweetest card
(I have the same stationary lol)
She sent me her favorite coffee, I must say, it's YUM!
And...she sent chocolate covered espresso beans!!
I may have to share those since I am really limiting my caffeine intake while pregnant, 
but I'll have to eat one or two!


  1. what a fun swap! I love caribou coffee!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you love your mug! It's been a blast getting to know you! Loved being your partner!

  3. aw Ash did a great job! that mug is so pretty!

  4. Totally cute, this was a lot of fun and I totally want to do a swap on my blog!