Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sadly, my weekend is gone...

I SO enjoyed my weekend, I did not want today to come...but come it did, and brought work with it.
I don't know about where you guys live, but our weather is uh-may-zing, high 70s, practically NO humidity.  If you're from the south or ever visited, you know humidity makes the difference.

Saturday night I got off of work and came home to find these beauties sitting on the kitchen counter:
Tulips, my absolute favorite flowers...and a whole POT, not even cut, but a pot of them!

Sunday we got up and made it to church about 5 minutes before service.  For us, this is a miracle in itself, we usually walk in about 5 minutes late lol.  I wore a dress, first time in about 3 years or so, sadly I have no picture proof lol.  But, it was a green maternity maxi dress from Old Navy.
Church was great, all about how Jesus drove the moneychangers and the market out of the temple.  Just further proof that you don't have to PAY to get in to church, you don't have to PAY to be closer to God.  Great sermon
J has a touch of ADD when it comes to sitting still in church.  Sunday was no different.  Communion came around, we went to the alter, and since our church is so large, we have yet to kneel next to each other for communion.  Again, Sunday was no different.  This communion was a little different, apparently the 6 year old Sunday School class had just gone through a communion class and made (unleavened) bread for service, instead of our usual wafers.  Since being pregnant, I started having the chalice bearer dip my wafer into the wine...no can do this Sunday; bread falls apart in the wine and makes a nasty little mess at the bottom of the chalice as you can imagine.  So, I just got enough wine to wet the bread and was done with it.
*and before anyone freaks out on me, the tiny sip of wine that I had for communion isn't going to affect Baby in the least bit.*
I got back to our pew and waited on J.  As soon as he sat down he coughed, and coughed again.  As any good Episcopalian knows, it was the "That wine was STRONG" cough...or the "That chalice bearer gave me waaaay too much" cough.  For J, it was the latter, which caused me to get the giggles.  J then looks at me and says, "The bread tasted like corn bread, and the chalice bearer touched the rim of the chalice to my forehead"  I told J that the chalice bearer must have been watching him and his Church-ADD and thought he needed the extra.  LOL

After church we spent the day with great family friends, they're practically J's second parents.  He's known them since he was 6ish and we all get along really well.  It's always fun spending time with them.
We also got to go to dinner with another couple that we've been friends with for a while.  So, by the time we finally got home Sunday, I was BEAT!!

Monday, I woke up and left J sleeping since he had to work last night.  I decided to surprise him with my handiwork, and put together the little tabletop grill we had bought the day before.
isn't she pretty?
J grilled steaks and turkey burgers...we had to grill in the garage because the wind was wicked and it was trying to rain.  I made stuffed turkey burgers.  They were good, but could have used a little spice or something, and next time I'll use slices of block cheddar instead of shredded cheese.  I think that will help.
J didn't like that I referred to him as the Tiny-Grill Master on twitter...lol.

Then, I went with my mother-in-law for a mani/pedi.  My first one in over 2 years.  I was in HEAVEN!  I feel like there are other things we should spend the money on, so I kept thanking J.  I also was a bit over-emotional yesterday.  LOL.  Thanks, Baby.

I got a French Manicure, I won't get acrylics because my natural nails are really pretty.  But, I love the LOOK of acrylic, so I was really pleased with the way my mani turned out.  
As you can see, we hit up Red Robin...we wanted their cheeseburger queso.  We both chowed down on an order each.  

I had a great weekend...and really really didn't want this weekend to end!


  1. Those aren't acrylics?! They look awesome! I have never had cheeseburger queso!!! Sounds so yummy, I think I'll have to hit it up!!

    1. Be careful, you will become addicted! LOL. I love to go to Red Robin JUST to eat the queso!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Love the dress from Old Navy!

    1. Thanks! It will certainly fit better as the belly grows! It was a little big lol

  3. I could have sworn I was already following you! Apparently not :) I emailed you back unless blogger rejected it!

    1. I thought you were too! But, blogger's been doing that to me with a few blogs I like to follow. LOL. Thanks for the help, blogger. HA