Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a wonderful weekend!!

We had an amazing weekend visiting my parent's in  Kentucky.  It's always nice to get away from our every day and see family I haven't seen since Christmas.  Sully enjoyed getting to sit in laps all weekend lol. of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE bloggers, Allie, let me guest post for her this weekend!  I was excited to see it!  And, psyched at the response I got, and I got 5 fabulous new followers!!  Thank you guys!!

Friday morning I got up early for a dr appointment.  Everything with Baby is going great!  Heart rate of 141 bpm!  The nurse announced that she's predicting Baby is a boy!  He also changed my due date back to Sept 3 instead of 8.  So, I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow.
On my way to the Dr, I enjoyed listening to my music...LOUD.  I kept hearing this rattling.  Finally, I found this:
A handful of .22 rounds...these will not fit either of our pistols lol
Only in our car...really lol

We got ready after my appointment, and hit the road!!
My honey is soo handsome!
I was travelling in comfort!
Somehow he's comfortable laying across that notebook
The Yellow cone is part of the Corvette Museum, J calls it "the Bumblebee Butt" lol
Driving down the highway to my parents, gorgeous!
We stuffed our faces with manicotti Friday night, homemade maniotti.  My mother is a great cook!  And baker!!  I had one happy pregnant belly!!

Saturday, J decided he wanted to explore Flealand...oh boy oh boy was he in for a treat!  Let's just say that there are some seriously scary people that can come from the mountains of Kentucky.  Alabama rednecks don't have anything on them!!  I think I was too dumbfounded by the utter crap that was being sold, and the crazy people running around.  There were folks EVERYWHERE, it was a zoo!  So, because I was so distracted by the zoo, I forgot to take pictures to share with you guys.  I did get this pic:
J digging into our funnel cake! Yes, we ate food  prepared in a flea market lol
We left Flealand and went to Vette City Antiques. We're not antique people, but we really enjoyed it!
I was in near preggo-hormone-related-tears when I saw this little guy:
Rub-a-dub Doggie!! OMG!
My beloved Rub-a-Dub!!  I bathed with Rub-a-Dub every single day!! Until his ears got mildewy.  Sad sad day in the life of 4 year old Amanda!
We also found these gems around Vette City:
Yes, folks. For $20 each these liquor bottle lamps can be your's!

Anyone want a Rot Iron table?

Do any of ya'll remember Land Before Time hand puppets?!  I had these!!
J and I on our Flea Market jaunt
Saturday was also my mother's birthday...we won't officially announce her age, but she looks fabulous!  lol
We decided to bake her a cake, J had never baked a cake from that we did!  Cake and icing, completely from scratch!!
ha, I made him wear it! But, he can call himself an Episcopalian!
I got the lady bug apron!
J decided that I looked "really pregnant" with the apron on like this lol
My Mommie and I, she put her reading glasses on me
It was wonderful!!
We packed up and headed home after a nice relaxing morning.  It was wonderful, and I was so glad to get to see my parents and my grandmother
My grandmother has been staying with my parents since she had back surgery in early January.  She's getting around very well, and has less pain.  That was the intent for the so happy to see her standing well and moving around well.  She will be going back home to Mississippi soon.

Again, thank you to my new followers and all of their advice!!  


  1. OMG!!! what an awesome weekend!!! You do look pregnant with the apron on :) I know nothing about heartbeats ha but are you hoping for a boy!? I think it's a girl!!! Your mom is beautiful! Todd and I made his first cake together like 3 halloweens ago!!!!

    1. We don't care what Baby is, so long as Baby is healthy!

  2. I love you in that apron! You look adorable and very pregnant!
    Glad you had such a good visit with your folks. I'm from KY so I can totally relate to the people/things you encountered LOL :)

    1. Oh, Kentucky is an adventure, even for this Alabama girl!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love that y'all made a cake from scratch!! SO glad that baby is well!!

    1. Thank you Megan, you're wonderful!