Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apparently I'm part Conservative Hippie?

My best friend of 23 years came to town Sunday to go shopping with me.  You see, we're both pregnant.  She's about 5 weeks ahead of me.  It's really neat to have someone so close in pregnancy with you.

So, we went shopping and since I'm in the Is-she-fat-is-she-pregnant stage still, I'm just too small for most things.  But, I did find a pair of jeans with the low knit waist instead of the full panel, and two tops.  It was great to spend the day with Ashley, we haven't seen each other in a year prior to Sunday.
We laughed several times over a few things.
I'm dead-set on breastfeeding, and then pumping when I return to work.  She's the opposite.
I'm dead-set on making my own babyfood, again, she's the opposite.
I hate dressy clothes, once again...she is the opposite.

However, if you had looked at us 10 years ago...heck, 5 years ago...you would have said, "Oh, Amanda's going to be the formula mom and Ashley will be the breastfeeding mom."  "Amanda will buy jar baby food, Ashley will make her's"
At some point during the day, I asked Ashley if she would have ever thought that I would have grown up to be the non-girly one of the two of us.  There's no way anyone would have predicted that lol.  Proof?
My mother put this lovely gem on facebook
That's my brother and I, each about 2 years old.  I can very clearly remember LOVING getting dressed up like that.  And yes, those are little white gloves.  I also carried a little white purse...at 2 lol.  I had the gloves, purse, bow, patent leather white shoes with "heels", and you can't forget the ruffle socks!
Fast forward to present day...if it's not pants, I don't want to wear it!  And forget heels!  Give me my Sperry's any day!

Anyway, back to how I'm a hippie.
Why do I want to breastfeed/pump?  First off, the health benefits are astronomical.  Not just for Baby, but for me as well.  This is an amazing link of pros and cons. And secondly, THE COST!  My boobies are FREE!  Yes, we'll have to buy a pump (to the tune of around $250) and bottles, but long term, again, my boobies are free!  Plus, they go everywhere with me, so we won't have to worry about packing bottles and formula.  As long as I'm there, my boobies are there, so Baby is good to go!
(As an educational read about how formula companies market their formula to keep making mulah: http://blog.nurturedchild.ca/)
Why do I want to make my own baby food?  COST!  That mess is EXPENSIVE!  Plus, they have RECALLS!  What if I feed my baby a TON of recalled food...THEN find out?!  I have researched how to make your own baby food.  I have seen the recipes.  I have talked to friends who make their own.  It really won't be that difficult.  Especially after my mother gives us the gift she's told me she will give us!  Baby Brezza Food Processor.  This thing looks amazing!  And, the reviews are great.  I'm excited!
So, yes.  I'll spend an off day a week, and maybe a few extra hours in the week, making baby food.  But, whatever.

I'm seriously determined to not make Baby be "expensive" like folks say children are.  I'm not disputing the fact that kids are expensive, but I am disputing the fact that kids have to be AS expensive as "everyone" says they are.  By cutting out formula alone, I'm cutting a cost of approximately $1500 in Baby's first year of life.

I also seriously considered cloth diapering.  However, J said NO.  Loud and clear, NO.  Why?  Because he didn't want to have to clean the poo out of the diaper, then wash the poodiaper in the washer.
I decided that it wasn't worth a disagreement, and he's not balking at me wanting to breastfeed/pump or make Baby's food.  So, it's just not worth it.  I guess if I were more of a cloth diapering advocate, and it weren't just a cost thing for me,  I would fight harder.
I'm also considering an alternative vaccination schedule.  Baby will get all necessary vaccines, just not to the exact schedule the CDC recommends.  Have you look at the schedule?  Then researched each vaccine?  I can't fathom why my newborn baby needs a Hepatitis B vaccine as Baby's only vaccination at the hospital.  Why?  I don't have HepB, J doesn't have HepB.  You can download the schedule and recommended vaccines here.  I totally agree with several vaccines, but HepB prior to leaving the hospital?!

Opinions are welcome, as constructive criticism.  I'm not judgin you on your choices if you disagree with me, do not insult me if you have a comment that doesn't agree with mine.  Give me education to read and research, and I MIGHT consider your opinion.  


  1. To each his own, my only advise is that if breastfeeding or others don't work, don't get discouraged, just go with the flow. Ya'll are going to make great parents.

  2. i cannot believe i've never seen that picture before! haha, but keep in mine that was your mama dressing you up and not your choice, you know? btw, i've been thinking about it and i might try making baby food too. it's probably a lot less work than canning and i do that for fun in the summer! and i meant to ask you about cloth diapers, but i agree with j, sometimes that stuff is just toooooooo gross. and i can just imagine blowouts are much more likely with cloth.