Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My brain is a pile of mush

I have nothing fabulous to expound on today, so I think you'll just get a ton of random crap from my brain...

  • I crave popcicles now.  Thankfully they come in many sugar free varieties!  I ate 4 the first night I got the box, 3 last night, and one at lunch today.  I eat red or purple, saving all of the oranges for last.  No idea why, always have
  • I bought a blackout curtain for our bedroom, since J sleeps during the day and I sleep until 10 most mornings (night shift and second pretty much rocks for us right now lol).  J seems to be sleeping much more deeply now, not any longer, but so much better.  I'm glad!

11:00am, love it

  • J has grown out a goatee, he usually will only keep them two or three days.  Surprisingly, this one has lasted over a week, and he's really liking it.  I must admit, I'm liking it too!  Today, we noticed that it needed some attention, some grooming.  We don't have a beard trimmer, so we busted out the hair clippers...lets just say trimming a goatee with big hair clippers is a challenge.  I think I did a darn good job!

See?  Good job!
  • I'm trying to get him to go get his hair cut, his flat top is getting too evidenced by the pics.  He says it looks better a little longer and not so close and harsh now that he has some facial hair.  I say it makes him an inch taller...and I like him very well groomed.  LOL
  • I'm hungry...all the time.  And my dr told me to watch my weight.  He doesn't want me to end up overweight by the end of this pregnancy....this just isn't fair
  • I possibly made the world's worst decision for a 17 week pregnant lady last night.  I watched 19 Kids and Counting, the episode about their miscarriage at 18 weeks.  Cried is not the word for it.  I sobbed.  Thank God J is a fabulous husband.  I called him (he was on his lunch at work) and was just boohoo'ing.  I told him what I did and he just asked if I was ok.  He let me babble on and on about how sad I was for them, and scared.  But that I was glad that I can feel Baby move a little, just that added comfort that Baby's there and ok.  He just told me to pray, and that it will all be ok.  Prior to me being pregnant, his patience for me being emotional was much lower...possibly because I'm only emotional when hormonal (birthcontrol pills make me the devil!).  I told Emily about my world's worst decision, her fabulous supportive message?  "Stay away from sad crap!!"  That's support right there lol.  This pregnancy mess turns me into a crazy lunatic!
  • I was told yesterday, "You're not even showing!"  Wow, you don't know me do you?!  I told J.  He laughed and said, "Oh yes you are!"  I didn't know whether or not to be flattered because I haven't gained a ton of weight, or insulted because this person thinks my stomach is round like this all the time?  They see me on a daily basis in passing at work...
This pair of workout pants is definitely too small

Hope ya'll have a great day!


  1. Aw you have a cute little baby bump!

  2. I hear ya on brain mush, pregnancy has totally done that to me. Sorry about your worlds worst decision! Totally why I didn't watch it.

    Hope you have a good week :)

  3. I found you through Allie's blog and had to follow b/c I'm pregnant too and I LOVE Allie! I laughed at your Skittles comment b/c I eat mine in the SAME order except I don't like orange so I give those to my hubby :)

  4. Hey Amanda! I got your comment on my funny we have the same shirt, good taste! :) I wanted to let you know that you should link your email to your blog so that you I can respond to your comments via email!
    All you have to do is go into your Blogger Dashboard and find where you can “edit your profile” near the top and click on it. Then find the section “show my email address” and check the box.
    Can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl!!!