Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Randoms

**Ok, remember my post about Boobs on Countertop?  Well, apparently my blog talk about breastfeeding garnered some searches are my search keywords...this is nuts

Search Keywords
bare breasts
boobs on countertop
asquared1228 blog
declining high school reunion invite
how big should a woman's waist be at 12 weeks pregnant
keeping umbilical cord wearing as a jewelery old wives tale

WHO searches for wearing the umbilical cord as jewelry?!  Gross or creepy here folks??
My continuously most popular post ever is still my comparison of Old Wives Tales to see if I'm having a boy or a girl

**Stole this pic from my sis-in-law on WAY TOO CUTE is my niece, Rayleigh?
Ya'll, she's just 2.5!
and my ADORABLE nephew...he's 11 months old.  That's my brother/his daddy holding him, he's over 6'2", Brayden is a big big boy!  
Why, oh why, are you making that face Bubby?

**It's already getting HOT here, or maybe that's just the pregnancy?  LOL  Seriously, it's not supposed to be 80+ in March, even in Alabama!!

**I've started going out of my way to be nice to a few people that I wouldn't normally be.  Stuck my hand out, knowing that I could either get a handshake in return or get my hand slapped.  Well, one person shook back and has been really pleasant...another was just RUDE.  Like, you have to TRY to be this rude. It's really ridiculous.  Why are people like that?  Oh well, that person's loss not mine...cause everyone knows I'm a DOLL!

**The paint on my nails is peeling off...which it's lasted about 3 days longer than I expected.  Nail polish never stays on my nails, no matter if I do it or the nail salon does it.  But, it'll stay on my toes for 9 forevers!

**I'm feeling like my belly is smallish for 15 weeks.  Though, it could be because, and I quote a friend, "Your hooters are huge"  HAHAHAHAHA.  So maybe in comparison, my belly just looks small.  HA

**J and I grilled out after I got off of work the other night, making it midnight.  It was really nice.  The weather at night has been SO pleasant.
No idea why he decided to pose that way, lol.  Silly J!
**Happy St Patty's Day!!  I'm hating pics of myself right now, even more so when my hair is pulled up.  Just not loving it...BUUUT, here's our Happy St Patty's Day to you!
See, terrible lol


  1. Ahhh, your keyword searches are hilarious!!! Hahahaha! People are SO weird!

  2. WTH?! Umbilical cord as necklace???? Gross! My searches are not that interesting, maybe I need to start posting about boobs more. Ha!

    1. HA! Just start talking about boobies...your life will be more interesting HA