Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been slacking on my blog.  Between having a lazy/fun weekend, and just being tired, I don't have a whole lot to entertain you folks with lol.

Sunday morning was lazy, then I went to my friend Emily's house to make potato soup and cupcakes!  My potato soup recipe is SO easy, and SO yummy!!  And, NO measuring of anything!
Peel and cube your potatoes
Place  in a large pot
Cover all of the potatoes with milk (I like skim, use whatever)
If you use a large stew pot, throw in a whole stick of butter
If you use a smaller pot, use less...unless you like lots of butter
Bring it JUST to a boil, do NOT let it boil for long at all
Turn it down and let it simmer until the potato chunks are soft
If you like your soup chunky, only mash part of the chunks
If you like your soup to be like thin mashed potatoes (like me) SMASH AWAY!!
When finished, stir in salt, pepper, and garlic powder (all to taste)
I like mine with TONS of cheese and bacon bits!  Add whatever.  It's really that easy!

If you use 10 lbs of potatoes, this is what you end up with lol
While at Emily's house, I got an education on Batman characters from her nearly-3 year old son.  Apparently there's a character named Woman Cat...not Cat Woman.  However, I think they could be easily confused by everyone but him!  LOL

Monday J and I just lazed around the house until time to go meet friends for dinner at our favorite little hole in the wall.  It's a Mexican Cantina, but is about as Mexican as I am lol.  They have the BEST beef nachos, and serve them on a HUGE plate...let's just say after that night, I think I may birth a plate of nachos instead of a baby!  We eat there every Monday he's off work!!  SO YUMMY!!

There's new Baby milestones, but I guess ya'll will just have to wait until tomorrow for my 18 week update to get them!

And because I just can't think of anything else, I'm going to ask you guys to pray for my brother's family.  I wrote about their dogs on this post.
Last night their beloved Great Dane, Brutus, somehow got bloat.  They rushed him to the Emergency Vet for emergency surgery, and his night was very very touch and go.  He made it through surgery, and is making quite the turn around, but the next 5 days are still iffy.  Brutus has been my sister-in-law's child since before she had human children, and has been through several deployments with her.  He also is my adorable niece's big brother.  Please, pray for a complete recovery for them.  If for NO other reason, so my 2.5 year old niece doesn't have to miss her doggie


  1. Oh my gosh :( Poor thing!! I hope he's okay! Our neighbor's great dane had bloat and we never saw him again lol I think the vet bills got too high for them and they never brought him home :( Praying for Brutus!!!

    1. It's most certainly expensive. I think the bill currently is sitting at about $2k!

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty laid back weekend!
    Prayers for the dog. I know how attached babies can be with their dogs.

  3. Sending prayers for Brutus!