Thursday, March 1, 2012

Because who doesn't like a new coffee mug?!

I'm joining a blog swap!  Why?  Last time I did, I met my darling ATL friend, Brandy!
So, why not try another and see who I "meet" this time!  Only, Brandy and I didn't just "meet" we actually met in person on mine and J's trip to Atlanta in December.  She's a doll!  So, here's hoping for another doll of a friend!

I'm following Amanda (nothing like 2 bloggers, who are friends, with the same first name huh?) over to Syndal's blog for her joint Mug Swap with Ashlee.

click here for the link directly to the swap
 What coffee drinker doesn't love a fun mug to drink out of every day?!  

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