Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Sorry I've been MIA, very busy few days!

Since I still haven't figured out how to copy html into my blog:

It's time for 

  • Seriously I'm ready for my 17 days off of work!  I'm just worn out, between work and packing and life in general...I need a break!
  • Seriously I got a text from our cell phone company today, saying if we sign up for auto payments, they'll give us a discount of $4.99...per line.  Um, yes please, where do I sign.  $10 a month savings on my cell phone bill?  $120 a year?  That's one whole payment made for me.  Yes please!!  
  • Seriously I've just been introduced to the game Angry Birds...omg, this could become an addiction.  Watch out!
  • Seriously I drink too much caffeine, I really need to cut back.  A cup of coffee in the morning and about 3 Pepsi Max or Coke zero a day...ugh.  I love my caffeine though.   
  • Seriously We had J's sister-in-law's birthday party...the cake ended up all over the kitchen floor (an accident, and the story won't be, it wasn't my klutziness this time).  So, J and I ran to the grocery store to buy a cake really quickly.  The only cakes they had were in the freezer, so of course they were frozen.  J was a sneak and bought the ridiculous relighting candles.  I thought preggo Sam was going to pass out trying to blow the things out.  Once she finally cut into her cake, the knife bent...that cake was ice, not ice cream cake, but regular cake.  It was delicious though.  We all chipped away at this frozen pastry and laughed.  Yum.  
  • Seriously I tried to put that last bit under the pictures (below) but blogger hates me today.     
  • Seriously I'm psyched, J is an uncle!  His first biological niece was born the other day.  She's a tiny little thing, but absolutely beautiful.  I'm pretty proud to be an Auntie again!  (We have a niece and nephew on my side, they're gorgeous themselves!) 

I got to hold her before she was 24 hours old!

Look at that sweet button nose

Such a sweet, good baby

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nostalgia Saturday

I got up this morning in a mood to get something accomplished before work.  I decided to start packing and going through the stuff in the storage closet on our balcony.  Got all of the Christmas ornaments packed, asked J to take it inside and put it with the other boxes (motivation to keep packing, leaving them in the living room to have to stare at), and mark it on the top and all 4 sides "Christmas ornaments/decor" to which he rolled his eyes.  I walked back in to find X-MAS written on the top and 4  I guess it's better than nothing. 

I opened a rubbermaid tote to find my nostalgia.  You know, the stuff that you pack up and cart with you every move because it means something to you.  Sentimental value.  Things you've had since a child, and things you kept just because you knew you'd look back at them later and have a good laugh. 

What did I find you ask?  My first two cell phones.  Yup, circa 1999.  They rocked.  They were super cool at the time, far smaller than most anyone else's.  Rocking the analog!  I can't imagine having to use them anymore! 
Heck yeah!  Check out those bricks!

Powertel? How old am I? lol

I also found my babies.  OMG!  My babies!  So very special to me. 
The line up!
Pooh and Tigger, of course
 I got Pooh and Tigger for one of my first surgeries as a tiny kid.  Considering I had tubes, tonsillectomy, and about 4 ear surgeries, I can't remember which surgery I got them for.  But, I know I loved them!!  Tigger got attacked by Sully when Sullymonster was a baby and thought that Tigger was his toy!

My Raggedy Anne doll, hand made by my Mama
 Raggy was my most special, wonderful doll.  Mama made her for me before I can remember.  Raggy went through all of my surgeries too.  I must have been a sight with all those babies dragging them into surgery.

FYI, I hate pickles the food
Pickles...ah, Pickles.  I got him around 3 or 4 years old for a dance recital  from Mommie and Daddy I think.  I hated pickles the food as a child, and still do as an adult.  I have no idea why I named him Pickles, but that's what I named him! 
And last, but not least, does everyone remember Teddy Ruxpin?  Oh yeah, I had him!  Only, I no longer possess my prized bff Teddy.  Why?  Because Teddy became possessed.  Demon possessed.  His bottom jaw fell off, then he started talking.  In the middle of the night.  And it wouldn't have been so bad if he were actually "reading" his book, but no, he was eating the tape that was in his back.  It was a very scary experience for a 5 year old.  Middle of the night and demon Teddy comes alive, eyes moving, garble coming out of his mouth...needless to say, Teddy went to the trash.  If you don't remember what I'm talking about, here's Teddy:

However, I do have Teddy's amazing sidekick, Grubby.  Apparently I can sell him on EBay and fetch about $25-30 for him.  I think I'll keep him, that won't even get a tank of gas.  If he sold for $100+, I might consider it. 

Yes, J laughed at me...rolled his eyes...and shook his head.  It was really bad when I found a trophy I got in kindergarten for a Halloween costume 1988.  My husband wasn't quite born yet.  He was on his way, but not born.  lol.  Yeah, it's no secret I'm older than him.  lol. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorites Friday

Happy Friday everyone!
I decided to write a Favorites Friday post.
All about a few of my favorite things people!  
In no particular order

My family
(I promise, my parents are still married...somehow I don't have a picture of all 4 of us together)
Me and my Mommie

L to R: Mama, me, Daniel, and Papa

L to R: Daddy, me, and Daniel
And of course all my family and my fabulous in-laws who may or may not kill me for posting their pics on my blog lol

My Baby
My loves
The baby did not like the snow

Ashley and I have been best friends since we were 5.  Moved 3 schools and 2 states together.  She's a fabulous friend and I couldn't ask for better support.  She's living in Tennessee with her husband, so I miss her.  So, here's to almost 23 years Ash!!
Got my red eye removed, but couldn't get Ashley's...old pic but one of my faves of us
Miranda and I have been bff since 7th grade.  She is married to the Army, so she was whisked away from me, too.  Oh well.  I love you!
Anyone notice?  Yes, I have naturally very curly hair...if you've met me in the past 4-5 years you'd have no idea and I'd like to keep it that way lol

My husband
I try to keep his pics to a minimum on here, per his request...but he can't escape my favorite people post
We are really silly together
I've never smiled from my heart...until you
One of our very first pics...and wow my hair's grown
Of course we have a ton more pictures, but I wont keep going lol.  
I think it's obvious I am crazy in love with my husband...and I think he loves me a tiny whole lot.  
The song that makes me think of J, no matter which line David Barnes sings, it's all true:

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know I usually do Seriously Thursday, but I just don't have any pet peeves right now.  Ok, well, scratch that, not enough for a blog post.  lol  So, I'll confess...even though I'm only Diet Catholic aka Episcopalian. 

  • I CONFESS: That I might have an OCD issue.  J points out when I seriously obsess over things.  Right now, packing the apartment since I'd like to be packed and moved by next Friday/Saturdayish at the latest.  
  • I CONFESS:  That I am quite the home body.  I would rather stay home than go out to spend time around strangers...especially if those strangers may or may not be drunk
  • I CONFESS: That I'm almost 28 years old, and I still call my mother Mommie and my grandmother Mama...apparently this is confusing to most.
  • I CONFESS: That I love photography, I photograph something nearly every day.  I love Ashley's blog: shouldabeeninpictures  The whole idea is too cute, and simple.  Which makes it fab.
  • I CONFESS: That I'm enjoying blogging...too  much
  • I CONFESS: That I think I'm pretty funny, and in general, a pretty rockin awesome person. 
And one thing that isn't a confession, how much I love my husband.  He is amazing.  He has taught me true love.  Real love.  True happiness, from the heart and soul.  I have never smiled from my heart.  This is amazing.  I have actually thanked him for what he has brought to my life.  I can't say enough about him.... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Culinary firsts

Yes, more culinary's a sad state of affairs to see me in the kitchen most of the time.  What's worse is, J's kitchen skills make me look fabulous.
We decided to spend the night at J's grandmother's house the other night since we spend most of my off days out there anyway, stay the night save gas on driving back and forth, you get the idea.  So, we woke up and his grandmother had already left to go to a church thing.  We were looking for breakfast...J looked at me with this sad sad face, bread in one hand, block of cheddar in the other, "Do you know how to make grilled cheese?"  Well, surely this can't be that difficult, "Sure, I can figure it out, start slicing cheese". 
I started pulling bread out of the bag to butter and noticed the bread had a use by date of May 31st.  Yeah, the crusts were pretty hard and parts were stale, no mold though.  J deemed it safe to eat, but I decided to pull the stale crusts off of the slices for myself. 
A few moments later, I look over to see chunks of cheese, not slices.  "Do you know if your grandmother has a cheese wire?"  My darling husband says, "I don't think she would, that's too high-tech"  I nearly laughed in his face.  I explained to him that a cheese wire looks like football uprights with a sharp wire between them, used to cut cheese, and makes thin slices...and that it was in fact pretty old school. 
Well, his turn to laugh came around.  I plopped a slice of bread onto the plate after removing the stale parts, J asked me, "Are you really going to make a grilled cheese out of Alaska?!"
not sure I see Alaska...
J knows my fabulous ability to burn most anything I touch in the kitchen, but still left me to it to make his sandwich.  Put the heat on a lower setting, "It's going to take you 5 years to make that on that low of heat" J says.  Well, ok, I was trying not to burn your bread before your cheese melts, but here goes!  Turned it up to medium, flip, perfect.  And, I can tell that the cheese is starting to melt.  I mean, pure grilled cheese perfection.  Give it just long enough to toast the other side...placed it on his plate, cut it in half.  I. Am. Good.  Proud of myself, I serve my husband his beautiful grilled cheese.  I watch him, he's impressed.  Takes a bite, he's still impressed.  Go me!  Whoot! 
My sandwich next.  I take the chunks of cheese, place them on Alaska up there, make a sandwich and place it in the pan.  Apparently, his stale crust was his sandwich's saving grace with me at the helm.  I burnt the mess out of Alaska.  Alaska was scorched, black.  I managed to make the other side not too burnt, perfect actually.  But, needless to say, I pouted a little when I showed J my grilled cheese.
Other than grilled cheese, we had a very lazy nice and relaxing day.  It stormed all day, so I wasn't able to get in the pool...sadface.  I made chicken nugget spaghetti, one culinary delight I can make and I have never had anyone dislike.  Everyone loves it.  Thank you mother for teaching me that one.  It sounds horrible, but it's really easy and delish!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music Monday

My poor husband, I torture him with my musical selections.  First, it was country, then I ventured out of that into what I loved sneaked around to listen to because my parents forbid it in middle and high school.  I mean, how can you beat Freaknasty's DaDip?  Or Sir Mixalot's Baby got Back?  How about Sisqo's Thong Song?  Yeah, it's all pretty raunchy, I'll give him that.  But it makes me giggle.  Speaking of raunchy, I love me some Sublime's Caress Me Down...and yeah, we've agreed that that song is pretty much pornography set to CD (MP3 in this case), but still makes me giggle and the actual music is good. I had to introduce him to the old school stylings of Tone Loc, you know, Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina. 
We do agree on a few songs, like Jason Aldean's new Dirt Road Anthem, most Seven Mary Three, Pink, Theory of a Deadman, Nirvana, Disturbed.  However, J's tastes in music isn't fabulous either.  His brother and sister-in-law will back me on this one, he spends hours looking up remixes to songs.  Yes, he has some group called Canibal Corpse remixing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Evanescence remixing Linkin Park's Numb...his remix obsession is almost to an addiction level.  Intervention time!! 
Sadly, he listens to Katy Perry and Ke$ha...yes, he goes from something called Canibal Corpse to pop!!  He's an odd one, for more reasons than being with me lol. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This post is going to be from Sully, to his Daddy...I would give him the keyboard, but instead he requested I post a few pictures:

It was a Father/Son moment

Thank you Sully for that.  Now, for a little known fact, J had a cat in his first apartment, when he moved his grandmother took Clara.  Clara still loves her Daddy, so...introducing: Clara!

She thinks this is her angelic look

She's happy with her rotund size

He caught a Clarafish

She was having to approve his gifts for his birday

This is DevilClara
Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there!
I would have written one about my own father, but bless him, he doesn't use the computer much...maybe once a year or so.  I'm not sure he knows what a blog is.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Decided to write a second post today

I've had a few funnies happen in the past few days that I just have to share!

J and I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, to walk around and waste some time before work.  I had to use the I was washing my hands, there was a mother and her 6 or 7 year old daughter standing near me.  The little girl looked at the big silver box found in all lady's public restrooms and says, "Why do you have to pay for napkins?"  Poor thing was so confused.  I just kept washing my hands, looked up to see mom looking at me to judge my reaction.  That did it, I had to tuck my head and giggle so the little girl didn't see me laughing.  Little girl makes it worse, "That's not fair that they make you pay for napkins, most places just give you napkins, too many napkins, for free!!  Mom, why do they make you pay for napkins?!"  By this time, I'm convulsing with laughter, still trying to stifle it from the little girl.  Mom says, "That's going on Facebook for sure!"  I suggested she keep that story in reserves for later!  lol  It certainly went on my Facebook. 

Today J and I were talking, and after I gave him the cash I had, which was several ones, I told him not to go to a strip club with that!  lol  He then says, "I never understood why people want to go to strip clubs, I don't see the appeal in a woman on stage wiggling her boobies"  I died.  Bless him. 

J was showing me a few pictures I found on his laptop that has been locked up with a forgotten password for almost a year (I figured out how to hack into it and reset the password!  Go me!).  The pictures were from Gatlinburg's Ripley's Aquarium.  I love fish, so I was rattling off names of some of them.  He pointed out one large silver fish and remarked that he had forgotten what it was.  The next picture was just the back half of a striped fish and the back half of the large silver fish.  I'm such a fish-nerd that I immediately knew that the striped fish was a Frontosa, a large South American Cichlid.  Of course after I geekily rattled off some information about the Frontosa, I went to tell him what the large silver fish was called and all I could remember was that it starts with an A. 
Well, J said something just right as I was getting out of the car hours later and I stopped and yelled, "Arowana!  It's an Arowana!"  Since whatever it was he said that reminded me of the name had nothing to do with me screaming Arowana, I had to tell him that the large silver fish in the pictures was an Arowana.  My dear husband just shook his head.  'Tis just another day in the life of being married to me.  Random outbursts.  
A beautiful Frontosa, I will have one one day

Arowana, not so beautiful, but still amazing fish

Yes, I'm a fish lover.  Mostly a cichlid lover, African over South American, but I still have my favorites of the South American variety.  I'm going to go off topic and show you some pics! 
Yellow Labidochromis

Labidochromis, color morph


One of my very very favorites, Acei

Gotta love a spotty fish, Venustus

South American Red Belly Pacu, they do really get that big, and they are the cousins to the Piranha
I've had several tanks of fish, and I always go back to Cichlids, I love them.  They have amazing personality.  Ok, now that I went waaaay off topic, have a good day!

Sully Adventure Saturday!

It's that time again...time for
Sully Adventure Saturday

I think he was dreaming of his favorite things to do
When Mommie and Daddy play, all Daddy has to do is say "OW" even if it doesn't hurt, and I start barking like crazy.  If he keeps saying it, I think it's really fun to jump up and try to bite Mom!  I wag my little nubby tail and listen to Dad laugh and laugh.  Then, the entire reason that I do it, Daddy gives me a Snausage!!  MMmmMMmmm my favorite!  

I also love to play with laser lights, if Mommie or Daddy is shining it on the floor of course.  Dad used to have this awesome light and I would chase that thing all over the apartment.  When he would stop it, I would attack!  I just know I can get it if I dig hard and fast enough, I will get that stinking dot!!  One day, I was having a really really good time, Daddy ran the dot into the bathroom and onto the bathtub wall.  I ran and ran and jumped over the tub wall and chased the dot in the tub!  So much fun!  Until...until one day, he ran it into the tub while there was water in it!  OMG!  I hate water!  I'm not a fan of water!  Not a happy camper.  I jumped right out and it took me a long time to trust Dad and the dot in the bathroom again!  

My favorite thing ever though, is the mornings with Daddy.  I always always sleep at Daddy's feet or his back, never with Mom (I think it hurts Mom's feelings, but I don't care).  As soon as Daddy wakes up, I go snuggle up with him and do my crazy dance!  I flip on my back and scratch my back and my head, mess up my beard, and snort.  Daddy thinks this is funny, so I just keep doing it.  Then, I snuggle back up with Dad.  I love mornings.  

Well, that's it for Sully Adventure Saturdays.  Check back tomorrow for Sully's Father's Day post, and meet another member of the family. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Freaky Friday

I don't know about you and your house, but we have a problem.  A big problem.  Well, J describes them as small.  I've never seen them.  What, you ask?  Gremlins.  We have gremlins.  Supposedly.  I've never seen them, I'm not sure that they exist.  J swears they do. 

My first encounter with the gremlins, J and I had just moved in together and had gone to dinner somewhere.  I brought back left overs, half of my turkey burger, planning to eat it the next day for lunch.  I worked between leaving leftovers and lunch, but knew J was not a fan of turkey burgers.  I went to eat my lunch the next day, and my burger was gone.  Gone.  No trace of it left, no crumbs, nothing.  I couldn't even find the box it was in.  I asked J where it went.  He didn't know.  No idea.  I grinned and asked again.  Still, no idea...this time he looked mischievous.  Finally, he blames my missing burger on gremlins.  Gremlins?  Really J?  lol

I've asked him about photographic proof of the gremlins, he says they're pretty secretive and fast.  I know they're pretty crafty....
They let Sully out of his room (crate).  Oddly enough, only when his Daddy puts him in his room.  Funny, Daddy doesn't like putting him in his room, so I know that Daddy hasn't locked the door, just shut it, on several occasions.  Of course when we get home, Sullivan has made his great escape...they both blame it on gremlins. 
The gremlins apparently enjoy eating in our bed, but they're not very good at cleaning up after themselves because they leave crumbs.  I just look at J and roll my eyes when he says, "Those pesky gremlins!  I told them not to eat in the bed!!"
Gremlins also pinch me in the's annoying lol

I call J the Gremlin Lord because they only seem to come out when he's the one that's been mischievous!  I think the gremlins also help Sully out some too. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Sorry I've been gone for a few days, I spent my off days enjoying my time with J.  Swimming, eating, spending time with his family, celebrating his brother's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday Jacob!).  And, I had this whole wonderful idea for a blog for yesterday, and got far too busy at work to even bring out the computer to try to write I'll try to incorporate it into today's Seriously Thursday.  And since I'm html impaired still unable to figure out how to add the banner, I'll just segue into it gracefully...
See...I'm crazy graceful...hahahaha

  • Seriously...I'll be 28 in  less than a month, omg.  I wouldn't notice that I'm coming up on 30 if it weren't for the fact that my husband likes to laugh at the fact that remind me that he will barely be 25 when I roll out of 30 and into 31. 
  • Seriously...are we already having heat indexes of 100+ and drought warnings, and it's just the first/middle part of June?!  Oh boy are we paying for the snow we enjoyed!  Thanks Mother Nature.
  • Seriously...did I have to download Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp for my husband?  Somehow I ended up looking at him and talking out the lyrics, "A little ditty, about Jack and Diane..." met with an upturned eyebrow..."two American kids growing up in the Heartland..." this time met with, "what are you talking about?!"  I responded with, "Jacky's going to be a football star, Diane debutante backseat of Jacky's car".  By this time I'm trying not to laugh, realizing he really has no clue.  Wow.  Shake my head.  "Come on, J!  John Cougar Mellencamp!"  "Cougar?!  His middle name is Cougar?!"  I couldn't contain my laughter any more...
  • Seriously...if you break down the lyrics to that song, they're pretty raunchy.  Wow Jack and Diane, get a room!
  • Seriously...Harold Camping had a stroke?  That impaired his speech?  You want to keep trying to predict something God has said many times that man will not be able to predict?  I think I'll take Mr Camping as an example and not meddle with God's word or make my own way of twisting translating it.  
  • Seriously...I'm ready for my nearly 3 week break from work, although it means J will be heading off to boot camp after 2 weeks of vacay together.  
  • Seriously...I'm not going to say much in the way of details, but I'm asking all of my readers to pray for a job opportunity that has surfaced that may keep J from having to leave.  Pay and benefits pretty much equal that of the military, and it's a career, not just a job.  He'd get to be home everyday/night with none of the downsides of a military life, i.e. deployments.  So, please pray we learn something.  Though, we're not getting our hopes up just because of a few elements we're aware of.  The odds aren't all in his favor, however he still has a good chance we think. 
  • Seriously...I have never been to Six Flags, and J would like to try to take a quick trip before he leaves to take me to Six Flags.  I've only ever been to Dollywood and Opryland.  
  • Seriously...I'll try to do better on my blogging...

Hope everyone has a great day

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Switch it up Sunday

Today is "Switch it up Sunday", so here I am.

    I'm not really sure how Amanda puts up with me.  I'm a fairly hyper, slightly obsessive compulsive person.  I am constantly doing something, whether it's out running or reading a book.  When I'm driving, i rant and rave at the seeming stupidity of other drivers.  I mean, if you can't drive it, don't buy it.  You know what I'm talking about.  You've all seen those people that have bought the huge trucks with the gigantic all-terrain tires weaving in and out of traffic like the "Dukes of Hazard".  Or the people that black out all of their windows and, because they can't see out of them, cut you off on the interstate.  Amanda sits there quietly, and listens to my tirade, and laughs her butt off.
    I said earlier that I am slightly obsessive compulsive.  If you could see our apartment, you wouldn't think so.  While out apartment is clean, it is cluttered.  The thing I'm really obsessive about are my dress clothes.  When I wear slacks or dress shirts, whether they be polo or button up shirts, I have to press and crease them.  It seriously bothers me if I am wearing dress clothes and have not pressed and creased them.  Amanda on the other hand, could care less if her dress clothes are ironed.  There's been many a time that gremlins have sneaked off with her clothes and ironed them. 
    Yes, gremlins live in our apartment.  They occasionally sneak off with Amanda's clothes or eat the last of the Wheat Thins.  Of course, Amanda tries to blame me for it, but I know who the real culprits are!  One of these days I'll manage to snap a picture of one.
    That's about all for today... see you next Sunday!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I dedicate Saturdays to....

Sully, aka Sullymonster, Sullybunny, Sullyman, SillySully...poor little guy, I don't think he knows what his name really is.  He hears Sul--- and he answers.  Few people have met Sully and just didn't like him, he's a doll.  Sweet, excited, loving, adorable, well behaved!  That's our baby.  He's just a character, I'm blessed to have had him for almost 8 years (his birthday's coming up in July!), from a wee-tiny six week old pup who pee'd in my lap on the drive home from the kennel, giving himself his middle name: Peabody.  Sullivan Peabody.  Distinguished, no?  lol  He thinks he is distinguished. 
My biggest regret with him is not having a camera when he was a wee-pup.  He was adorable.  1.4 pounds 6 weeks old and afraid of grass.  He and I have been through a lot in our 8 years together.  He is my dogson and I'll protect him and love him until the very end.  Though, there will be no end...he and I have an agreement, he must never die.  He agreed, he'll be immortal, that made me happy.  LOL! 
We can't say anything about going outside unless we are ready, right now ready.  We're really glad he can't spell, "O-U-T" and "P-A-R-K" are in our conversations many times a day.  Sully even knows his way to the park, if there weren't a mean dog in one of the apartments on his route to the park, we would let him go leashless.

Sully is a cuddlemonster:
Sully would never bathe if it were up to him, he hates it:
Sullivan practices yoga, he just knows his Daddy rolls out the yoga mat just for him.  Not like Daddy wants to use it for sit ups or anything:

Sully is also very sensitive and knows when his Mommie isn't feeling well and will be the best little nurse:
He LOVES car rides:
But, most of all, he loves his Daddy:
So, I think I'm going to have Sully Adventure Saturdays...he's always doing something, and he's such a huge part of our lives that it only makes sense to dedicate a day to him!