Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding my own routine

Hi folks, sorry I'm not writing as much.  I'm working on finding my own routine with my husband gone to BCT.  Friday starts week 3, so this coming Monday makes 4 weeks since he's been gone.  I spend time with J's sister-in-law and niece, grandmother, and aunt every day.  I spend time with his parents when they're not working, which is usually when I am!  Sullivan misses his daddy, thankfully the heartbreaking search for Daddy every few minutes has stopped.  It broke my heart to watch him sniff around the house looking for J!! 
Found out the date that I get to see him on his 36 hour pass, less than 60 days, so I'm beyond excited.  I got a great letter from him today, he's in great spirits...missing me and the family of course, and building his relationship with God.  It's amazing. 

I have started following a new blog, I'm such a blog junkie, and she posted this 10 Days of I'm going to jump on that bandwagon and hopefully get back to writing.  I need the release! 

So, here goes nothing:

10. I'm kind of an oxymoron.  I am outgoing and love people, but at the same time I thrive on my time alone with myself, quiet, with time to think.  I must have my time to myself.  I hate, repeat, hate crowds.  Especially inside a building, add alcohol to that equation and I'm out.  Don't get offended when I politely decline your invite out to party.  Won't happen

9. I used to weigh 215 pounds: I quit smoking (almost 6 year addiction), and hit the gym hard core.  I taught myself what I needed to know, because who can afford personal trainers?  I dropped 30ish pounds the first year and over the next 2 years I dropped almost an additional 20.  Too bad I've gained back 15 or so pounds!  lol  I'm working on getting them off before J is done with BCT!

8. I always wanted to be a gymnast, I took gymnastics as a child, but nothing serious.  Just learned to roll and jump on a trampoline, I think I was 3?  Then, when I realized how awesome and amazing gymnastics is, I was too old to be as serious and dedicated as I wanted to be...I wanted Olympic status.  Yeah, I dream big.  Then, I realized I was far too tall!  I haven't really grown since about 12 or 13 years old.  So, I was a tall kid at almost 5'8!  So I was far too tall!

7. I love my job, it's stressful, but it's a good stress that I handle well.  The first job I can remember wanting to do as a child, was about 5 years old, and I wanted to be a garbage truck driver (my brother was going to be the guy that rides on the back, lol).  Then I wanted to be a marine biologist, for the longest time.  Then I found out that likely I would be cleaning Shamu's pool for minimal pay...that squashed that dream.  Next, I decided I wanted to be an interior designer.  Then life happened and I got into law enforcement and there I've pretty much sat since the ripe age of 20!  

6.  I had over 40 reptiles in my home at one time...and God only knows how many fish.  I love love love cichlids, and let's face it, I obviously love snakes and lizards if I had over 40 of them at once.  My two favorites in the entire world were Sally and Harry, Brazilian Rainbow Boas.  I will have another one day!!  
How do you not love the prism that comes off of their scales when UV light hits them?

Gorgeous, love them!

5.  I only want to be pregnant once.  I've told God that if he intends on me having 5 kids, they better all be in there at once!  lol.  Yeah, I know you don't tell God things.  I also know that God will bless us when he wants and when that time comes, we'll know how many we want.  

4.  I'm blunt.  Just plain and simple.  I'm blunt.  If you don't want my opinion, don't ask me.  I will tell you.  I was raised that way.  If you ask a question, be ready for the answer.  I don't sugar coat.  I have, and will, attempt to avoid the answer, but if you keep asking or keep going, I'll just tell you how it is.  I'll hedge around the answer once, then BAM, you get it.  The God's honest truth!

3.  My first car was a 1983 Cutlass Supreme, I named her Hoopty.  Hoopty was faithful and committed to our relationship even though I wasn't.   I was embarrassed of Hoopty, even though she was in fabulous condition.  It wasn't her fault that everyone else in my class drove new vehicles.  Hoopty had a V8, thank goodness gas was 90 cents a gallon when I started driving.  Yup, I just dated myself!  lol  Hoopty took me from 15 years old-18/19 years old.  Hoopty went into ditches, jumped curbs, hydroplaned, took out a light pole while dragging down another...but what did poor Hoopty in, a lady hit her.  And it wasn't your ordinary accident.  The cops were directing traffic, and she still hit me.  Yup.  No better witness to an accident than the Po-lice.  She did enough damage to the chrome of the car and the chrome (factory, not ghetto) rims, that the insurance company totaled Hoopty out.  What's Daddy replace her with?  A 1986 Cutlass Salon of course!  Not nearly as fabulous as Hoopty.  The 86 became Janky and wasn't nearly as faithful or committed as Hoopty.  RIP  Hoopty.  You and your lack of car payment are greatly missed...your gas addiction, however, not missed in the time of $3.50/gallon gas.

2.  I am really conservative in my political views.  I don't push them on people, nor will I argue with folks about it.  You live your life, I'll live mine.  I may not agree with you on things, but I'll never tell you you can't do them because I don't want you to tell me I can't do whatever it is I do.  Free will folks.

1.  I am a proud Army wife, proudly supporting my husband.  He is my very best friend, my soulmate, my true love.  He wrote me, telling me that he's hearing alot of people talk negatively about marriage in the military.  I have alot to say about that, but I'll just say this:  they aren't in our marriage, we know what we have and what we will make it through.  Most people don't find love like we have, nor are they as strong as we are.  

There, took me forever, but I got 10!  

Hope all is well!! 

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