Thursday, August 4, 2011

9 loves...not lives

I'm going to keep trucking on the 10 Days of You challenge. 

But, before I do, I have to share that I got another letter from my husband (who's in Basic Training for those of you not in the know)!!  They finally got mail call after 3 weeks of not hearing from their loved ones.  I can only imagine how precious those letters were!  I've been getting letters from him, and mailing letters every day for 2 weeks, since I got the address.  So I know he was overwhelmed with letters, but I'm sure it was a good feeling.  I was so happy to hear read how excited and happy he is.  He said his morale is sky high!  I'm so excited. 

In no particular order....after my first 3!  lol

1. God and Christ.  My faith has gotten me through so much.  That's all I feel I need to say about that.

2. My wonderful husband, J (as y'all in blog world know him).  He's shown me a side of myself I had forgotten, a side I didn't know was there, and just strengthened other sides of me.  One word sums him up well, amazing.  He is my biggest supporter, and I am his.  He's making sacrifices for us and for our future, and he's excelling...just like I knew he would!  I'm excited for our life and the path God is taking us down.  I thank God every day for blessing me with him.

3. Sullivan...a.k.a. Sully, Sullyman, Sullydog, dogdog, big man, you get the point.  He turned 8 last month and has been with me through the roughest points of my life, and the best parts of my life.  He love love loves his Daddy, and misses him.  Best part is, his Daddy love love loves him!

4.  My family, on both sides.  Meaning mine and J's.  They are our supporters and cheerleaders and it's great.  

5. My friends.  I can't name all of you, but you know who you are.  If you have to question if you belong on this list, then you must not.  lol.  Sorry, that's the truth.  I may not spend much time talking or texting, but you know I love you.  

6.  My job...yeah, odd, I know. And while I have my complaints, I wouldn't work in another field.  And, most days I wouldn't trade my department, believe it or not.  I love law enforcement.

7. coffee.  I'm not fancy, bring me any ol' coffee, black with sugar!  Yum.  Loves!  Really, I should just say caffeine, I love Pepsi Max and Coke Zero as much as coffee...

8. The internet: damn you autocorrect, LOL cats, cake wrecks, postsecret, FML, of course blogger!  And I'm sure there's more that I look at, but that's all that my tired brain can think of right this second!

9. Our car, it's my favorite vehicle I've ever had, other than the payment.  Because I know J doesn't like for me to put much identifying info on here, I'll leave it at that.  I will tell you, we named her...Zoomie.  However, we do have arguments over whether or not she is a she or a he...I say she.  Ships are she's, aren't all cars?  lol

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