Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 3...Three places

Day 3: Three Places you want to visit
(but, since I just did Six places I'm going to go with 
Three Places I've visited and want to go back to!

Yup, I love it.  I parents took our family at least twice when I was a kid, maybe three times.  I haven't been in years and they've added more rides and attractions.  I'd love to go again.

We drove through Texas, a long long drive, when I was 4 turning 5 years old, on our family trip to Washington state.  Yes, we drove from Mississippi to Washington.  From what I remember of the trip, it was a lot of fun.
I want to go back as an adult and immerse myself in the Texas Country Music for a week or so, then back to reality.

forgot to get the source, sorry
I've been to different parts of Florida several different times and enjoyed it.  I'd like to go and spend a month, I think traveling all over the coast of Florida, hit Disney, Key West, and just whatever my heart desired.  

I know, I don't dream really big, I dream realistic.  Ideally, I'd love to travel and see the southeast, everything there is to see.  Then, I'll branch out and see more of the country.  
I never understood why people don't explore their own backyard, then travel out of their little region.

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