Friday, August 5, 2011

Easier than anticipated

Last night was a great night.  I found a picture of J on his BCT company's facebook page.  He's lost some weight, not that he had any to lose to begin with!  But, it was J, no doubt about it.  It made my week!! 
Knowing that he's doing well, succeeding, and has God's hand on him makes me happy. 

On to Day 8 in 10 Days of You

In general I don't go around thinking that I have fears...but here goes, I'll think hard:  In no particular order

  1. Being involved in a car wreck.  I had accidents when I was a teenager, but to me there is a difference in an accident and a wreck.  Accident, no one's hurt, minimal damage to the cars.  Wreck, injuries, severe damage to the cars.  I'm afraid of being in a wreck.
2. Outside dark.  Not the dark, itself.  But, the things you can't see in the dark.   My pupils get HUGE to let in light, so of course I see things that aren't there.  Any time I go from the car to the front door in the dark, even with the porch light on, I have my house keys ready and my phone in hand.  Ready to scream.  I don't dawdle, right in the house for me.  J thinks it's hilarious.  I am just fine in the dark of my own home, it's just the outside dark.

3.  Gaining weight.  Yeah, it's pretty vain/petty/whathaveyou, but it's a fear.  I talked about my weight some in my 10 secrets post

4.  Not making friends when we get PCSd finally, I hear horror stories about military wives and how catty and bitchy they are.  With a husband who deploys, I'll want/need friends who truly understand, who I can go hang out with, have them over, etc.  I don't trust easily, so..

5.  Losing a loved one.  Pretty self explanatory, eh?

6.  Not being able to have a child.  It's something we want.  We aren't material folks, and don't really want much, so to not be able to have something we want...

7.  Opossums...yeah.  Really.  When I was an Animal Services Officer, I got sent to a call because one got caught in a cat trap.  Let me tell you, those things are ugly, frightening, have big teeth, and just flat out scary.  Between a catchpole, baton, and my boot, I got that nasty thing out of there and he scampered off to find a place to hide until dark.  No, I didn't harm him, didn't touch him, I just wasn't getting near him!  I used my boot to kick the back of the trap to encourage him to go!

8.  Tornadoes.  Remember April?  April 27th to be exact?  Enough said. 

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