Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where was I?

My mind has been pre-occupied with J.  I got letters that he's had a few rough days at basic, pray for him please.  He's an incredibly strong man, and he'll be just fine, I just hate not being able to be there for my best friend.  I want to fix it for him, and it sucks to not be able to.  I know the man he'll become after basic will be astonishing

Four books?  Oh geez.  I'm not really a reader, used to be, but not a whole lot now.  Hrm

1.  Definitely LOVE Lisa Gardner...I've read everything she's written so far and anxiously await her next book!!  J loves reading them too, so that makes reading them even better. 
2. Wendy Holden  is growing on me.  I've read 2 books and wouldn't mind reading more.
3. Mary Janice Davidson, while I'm not a fan of vampires and the undead in general...I have to say I loved the Undead series and need to catch back up with the new releases.
4. My all time favorite book, I think I read it at least 10 times through junior high/high school, The Outsiders.  Seriously.  Loved that book.  I tried to read more by S E Hinton, but never really got into them like The Outsiders.

I'm no book worm, but I do enjoy a few books...just really picky about what I do read.  I do NOT like sci-fi or fantasy.  Never have.  

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