Friday, August 26, 2011

I swear these ones came from the carwash changer!

Day 9: A picture of the item you last purchased

 Yup, I purchased a car wash.  Big spender huh?

To be quite honest, I wanted the car to be sparkly clean when I picked up J...hoping to pull a little trickery and have him thinking that I kept the car sparkly clean the whole time.  Because, I'm going to be real here, my last car was a Mercury Sable, and it had so much crap and trash in it that I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk, and again in the back seat.  Yup.  That bad.  Plus, the car was supposed to be white, but since I washed it only about once a year, it was brown.

So, all I had was a $20, car wash was $10.  What does it give me as change?  Ten ones.  
Put them in my purse, go to the gas station to get a soda and 5 hour energy shots for my drive to get J.  Open my wallet and all you see are about 15 ones.  I felt the need to tell the old lady at the register that the carwash gave me all the ones in change.  Yup.  I impulsively defended the fact that I am, in fact, not a stripper.  
Got back in the car and it hit me, "Well, Amanda, that was awfully presumptuous of you.  That lady may not have ever thought to put dollar bills and stripper together, maybe she just doesn't think that way."  

Yeah, I scold myself.

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