Sunday, August 7, 2011

Forgot to post yesterday, so I'm going to try to trick you

yeah, I forgot to post yesterday, I was busy at work doing things for me.  Yeah, I have that job.  I have enough free time to do things for myself if we aren't crazy busy.  And for once on a Saturday, we weren't so busy that I couldn't get some things done.  I had decided to get a 3-ring binder and keep our bills organized in there with dividers and a calendar just for bills.  Yeah, I enjoy that kind of thing, I'm a little nuts. 
I also got on and was able to get a few collages made to send to J.  I figured it would be easier on him to have a few 4x6s with several pictures on them than several individual pics.  Here's one:
Of course I made 2 of me, but who other than him wants to see 2 collage pics of me?  lol

So, on to my trickery.  I'm going to post yesterday's 10 Days You challenge, and then in another post, today's.  You'll never notice the Tom Foolery, right?  lol

Today might be difficult, I don't know 7 things I want?  I know one right now!  lol

1.  This one definitely is the first on my want list: a call from my husband!  I'm not even going to say I want to see him, because I know when I'll see him (so long as nothing happens to mess up his 36 hour pass in September).  I don't, however, know when I'll get a phone call.  Those are earned privileges and we aren't told when we'll get called. 

2.  Who doesn't want enough money to pay off all of their debt?  That's certainly on the list of wants

3.  A new purse.  But, I don't know what kind, don't see any in the new selections that I want.  I usually buy myself a new purse every year for my birthday...but with J leaving around that time, I just haven't.  Nor do I find myself caring.  Be right back, going to go purse shopping online, let's see what I come up with... far ugly.  I don't want to carry half a cow on my arm, I'm not a mom, don't need something the size of a diaper bag.  And I don't want some animal print, namely zebra or leopard, on my shoulder.  I'm not trying to blend in to a safari...brb, more shopping...
Ok, this one, in Black, not Cornbread
Ok, more looking, I've found that one option out of 3 pages so far.  And what's up with black and white giraffe print?  I've never seen a black and white giraffe?  Is there some sort of zebra/giraffe hybrid I didn't know about?  lol  No offense to anyone who likes zebraffes
Ok, I give up.  7 pages on overstock and I found one.  And who in their right mind pays $1,849 for one purse?  Holy crap!
Either I'm too picky, or the current purse fashion is just ugly...I refuse to accept the first and will go with the latter.  
What was I doing?  Oh yeah, wants.  What number was I on?  

4. To know how to extreme coupon!  That would be fabulous!  So far I can only save about $30 on a grocery trip.   But, I don't want it to take up half of my day or anything like the ladies on that TV show

5.  To find a church I like and wouldn't mind getting up earlier than usual on Sundays to go to. 

6.  A new bedroom suite!!

but it doesn't have a price, dang it...or this one:
This one looks super cool!

Ok, enough of that...
time to think of the last want...

7. I won't go on my political rant, but I want this nation fixed.  "Hope" and "Yes we can" just aint cutting it pal. 

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