Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I aint no scardey cat!

Day 6: Something you're afraid of:

 No, not a black diamond....but 
Outside Dark
Yeah, you know, where the Boogy Man lives?
I walked down to my in-laws, big heavy foot long Mag-Light in hand, half for lighting my path on the non-street-light road, and half for a head-whacker for the Boogy Man.  Yeah, don't approach this chick in the dark.
You know Fight or Flight response?
I have both...in that exact order.  Fight, then flight.  I will beat the living daylights out of you, scream, and run.  Yup
So, I walked back from their house, father-in-law laughing the whole time because he could see me looking in the field, checking for the Boogy Man.
I even hold the flashlight, ready to swing.

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