Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I've missed 6 days

Yeah, so life just turned upside down on me...but that's ok, we can persevere and we will get through this hurdle and continue to succeed.
I've told ya'll that J left for the Army.  Well, my reason for being MIA is that I got word from him, not the Army...gggrrrr, but I won't get on that soap box...that he had been rushed to the hospital with cardiac issues.  Long story short, this was all a blessing in disguise, we found out that he has a congenital heart defect and is being sent home.  This is something that is either found in infants and surgically corrected, or typically it has a terrible outcome...yeah, like I said, this is a blessing.
So, waiting a few weeks for them to process paperwork and get him sent home.  I'm ready for him to be home, so we can see a cardiologist and get him on the road to heart healthy!  I'm committed to doing whatever, if that means we both go on a heart healthy diet, bleh, whatever care it'll take. 

So, needless to say I've been distracted.  I did get to talk to him Sunday for about an hour.  It was fabulous to hear his voice and talk to him.  He sounds calmer, softer.  I'm really excited for him to come home.  I can't tell you how much I've missed him.  Words just don't describe.  He said he's learned alot about himself being away in basic, so this wasn't time wasted.  Between strengthening his relationship with God, learning about himself, and finding the strength we individually have and strength our marriage has...certainly not time wasted. 

Back to Days of You, since I only have two left!

This one is easy, because I love music...especially music that makes me think of J...
I take that last bit back, it will be tough to narrow down to just two songs....

1. Smile by Uncle Kracker

2. Into the Night by Santana featuring Chad Kroeger

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