Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm soooo not a shopper

Day 8: 3 Classic pieces you want in your closet:

 I loathe shopping, hate it.  Explains why I haven't shopped in over a year, maybe more.  I hate it.  I refuse to spend the money that the stores, whose clothes I like, charge.  
One day I saw a pair of jeans I wanted, loved them, looked at the price an gagged.  I am NOT, repeat NOT paying $60 for a pair of jeans.  It takes a lot for me to pay $30 for a pair of jeans.  If they aren't $20 or under, I won't buy them!  My favorite jeans I got at Target for less than $6.  Now, that's a purchase!
Back to the $60 jeans, that same day I saw very similar jeans on clearance for just under $20...only 10 feet from the $60 pair.  Now, you  know that the manufacturer is still making money on the clearanced item.   From that point on, I refuse to buy full price in brand name stores.

Back to the challenge:

I want a good pair of wide legged trousers in several colors

A great pencil skirt, because it's hard not to look good in a well-fitted pencil skirt


A tailored button-up shirt, let's face it, I can't wear them off the rack.  If it fits up top, it's too big around the waist and looks like a tent, if it fits around the waist with the tailored look, it's so small I can't button it up top! go

So, there you have it, I would be a prep if a)I weren't cheap and b)I had a personal tailor...which kind of goes back to cheap...hrm.  I guess I need to learn to be less frugal!

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