Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously Thursday...and I'm still debating on the blog challenge

Ok, it's time for Seriously Thursday. 

I'll start the 30 day challenge in a little bit, because my mother supported the idea.  My mother.  Yeah.  So, if she says go for it, I guess I should.  lol

Mrs to Mama

Seriously...Could my husband get a return home date yet?!  I'm ready for him to be home with me, now that we know he's coming home!  I was all ready and prepared to be an Army wife, but life changes and you have to roll with the punches, and now that he's coming home, I want him HOME!  NOW!  lol

Seriously...I'm tired of people asking, "Well, what's he going to do now?"  Meaning, where's he going to work.  Folks, I don't care!  He's being sent home with a health issue that could have killed him had the situation not been just right while he was in basic for the Army to "find" the problem!  I just want him home so that we can get him to the best doctors and the best surgeons and get it taken care of.  THEN, when he's fully healthy and recovered, THEN we'll worry about what next.  Until then, all I care about is my husband is ALIVE.  I'll do what I have to do, he's ALIVE and I'm grateful for that.  Anything else means nothing if he's not alive.  Sheesh.  Seriously?

Seriously...isn't it August?  Shouldn't it be HOT?  I know it sounds like a complaint, and I guess it is...errrr, don't get me wrong, I love the cooler weather, but it kind of scares me.  What's winter going to be like?!  I mean we had snow last winter, real snow.  Deep snow, in Alabama?!  Crazy.  Plus, I want to swim some more!  It's not swimming weather for me unless it's 90+ and the water is NOT cold.  I don't like cold water.  lol

Seriously...I organized the pantry, I love making the pantry look like a grocery store shelf.  Yeah.  It's a problem.  lol.  I must admit, it gets to the point that I don't want anyone else to put groceries away if I don't think they will put them away in their right place.  I'm that person.  It bugs me, it's not hard to put things away so you can easily find them when you need them.  Sorry. 

Seriously...allergies suck.  The end.

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