Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whatever You Do, Don't Flush...

You can always count on me for a few pearls of wisdom...pearls I get from the nastiest oysters of life, aka blond moments

Tonight I decided to take a shower, the first shower I've taken home alone with Pierce.  Yes, yes, I realize he's almost 10 weeks old, sue me.  I've managed to shower when J's here...and I'm not ashamed to admit, skip if he were too busy that day.  I mean, what do I do to get dirty?  Nothing.  lol.
Anyway, I got the cajones tonight to shower when Pierce fell asleep in his bouncey chair, meaning he was very easily moved into the bathroom with me.

Got him in, didn't stir.  Now, we have a tiny bathroom, and by tiny, I mean it would be crowded if 3 mice were in it.  So, imagine me and a bouncey chair.  I have to shut the door, don't ask why, but you just can't shower with the bathroom door open.  It's a rule written down somewhere, I'm sure.
Door shut, somehow I shut it without having to move the chair again.
Gotta pee before the shower, again, I don't make these rules.
And, another rule I didn't make, you must flush when you're done.  Again, it's got to be written somewhere!

Well, that's where I went wrong.
I should have broken that rule.

Why?  Because apparently toilet flushing is loud and startles sleeping babies...especially when they're less than a foot from the toilet itself.

Pierce stayed quiet, so I got in the shower, knowing I wasn't going to take any luxurious relaxing half hour shower or anything.  Hair got wet, and the fusses started.  Hair got shampoo lathered in it, and the crying started.  So, I opened the curtain half way and stood there singing silly songs to him while washing my hair.  Helped some, but my son still looked at me like I was an alien...not that I too much blame him.

Shampoo done, washing done, rinsing conditioner and he is in an all out fit.  I'm just thinking that I'm glad that I pumped right before my shower and he had a bottle ready and waiting on him.

I finished showering, still sounding like an idiot trying to keep him calm, pulled the curtain all the way open and I must have looked like a wet rat...rather one of those mice that would have crowded the bathroom...a wet mouse.  
It had to have been a frightening sight for a 9 week old:
and because I know J is reading this and shaking his head:
yes, honey, I took a photo of our son before drying off or consoling him...mother-of-the-year here
**see, tiny bathroom lol

Moral of this story?  Where do I begin?  There could be several here.

Whatever you do, don't flush!!

I'm just glad he's too young to remember these things...I think the human brain remembers things starting around age 3 because otherwise we would remember all of our parents screw ups, the times they dropped us on our heads...I swear I'm kidding, I don't think I was dropped (though that would explain a lot) and I certainly haven't dropped Pierce!


  1. Okay, okay. Found a difference in you and I- I DO shower with the door open, but the bathroom is inside my bedroom.. so that might make a difference?

    Now, this story- I'm ROLLING.

    Don't flush. That's my new term haha

  2. I never knew a shower could be so eventful! lol

    I just can't flush the toilet before showering because I will burn all my skin off in the scalding hot water. Not cute.

    Pierce would definitely use you singing silly songs to him through a shower curtain as ammo when he's a teenager. Good thing he wont remember ;)

  3. Hahaha, I'm laughing out loud! I've SO been here! Now with a baby and a toddler I put Mickey on for the toddler and pray she stays out of trouble and put the baby in his crib with the mobile music on. But I used to bring Kyla in the bathroom with me during showers all the time. And she is still to this day terrified of toilets flushing. Maybe this is why, haha?

    And I'm that mom too that takes pictures of everything :)