Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 Weeks!

I'm beside myself, I can't believe Pierce is already 10 weeks old!  Wow.

Dr's appointment Friday (Oct 19), he is doing really well.  Got two of 4 required vaccines spend the weekend cranky and extra sleepy.  Luckily, his doctor only gives 2 vax at a time and I think that kept him from getting a fever.  So, we go back again next Friday and have another sleepy cranky weekend...the same weekend he has family coming in to see him get baptized!

Born: 7lb 3oz 25-50th percentile
19" 25th percentile
Left hospital (20 days): 6lb 14oz 10-25th percentile
First Dr appt (3 weeks): 7lb 1oz 25-50th percentile
Second Dr appt (5wks 2 days): 8lb 4oz 5th percentile
Home scale (family's house: 7wks 4days): 10lb 25-50th percentile (not so tiny!)
Third Dr appt (9wks 3 days): 11lb 12 oz 37th percentile
23.5" 77th percentile

Pierce is still grinning up a storm, he's started laughing some too.
  • He's found his thumb...much to my dismay, I didn't want a thumb sucker I figured you can take a paci away but that thumb stays lol.  Oh well, he's figured out how to comfort himself with it, so I'm happy!  
  • Still in size 1s, but when we buy diapers today, I'm going to get a case of size 2s.  He's on the bottom end of 2s, so why not just be economical and get 2s?  
  • Still wearing newborn pants lol.  He's just so skinny through his waist!  They're too short, but 0-3 is too long, and too big all over lol!  But, he's starting to chunk up...just yesterday I was noticing that he's getting chunky arms and over night he's gaining weight!
  • He's grabbing more, and using his hands more.  He held a ring today for quite a while.  Tried to figure it out, but just couldn't...getting there
  • He is eating, a ton.  We'll make 5oz bottles and he'll be screaming in an hour for more, or he'll be happy with we've started making 6oz bottles, often he eats it all.  Piggie lol.  Which, brings me back to a supply issue.  I was keeping up with him on 4 and 5oz feedings.  Pass the Fenugreek!
  • We think he might be starting the teething process.  He gets really fussy...and has started to drool when he's asleep.  I mean puddles of it.  He'll fall asleep after nursing, using me as a pillow, and I'll usually let him if I don't have any time constraints, and we'll move him with the biggest puddle of drool.  It's pretty funny now, ask me again in 3 years if I think it's so funny then. LOL
  • He's been sitting in his bumbo a few minutes a day.  His head control isn't good enough yet to sit longer, but we're working on that.  He lasts for about 5 minutes before his neck just can't hold his big 80thpercentile head lol.
I go back to work all too soon, in less than 2 weeks.  I could cry.  I have cried.  We could make it on just J's check, but any small hiccup would sink us.  We're just not willing to do that.  

look at the chunk he's getting!!

Thank you Alabama weather, he went from wearing this one day...

To this the very next day

He tries so hard to get to that thumb

then finds it!!

This may be the last weekly post, I think we can go to monthly now lol.  

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