Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family photos!

We haven't been able to have most of the "normal" family experiences, simply because of the way Pierce made his way into this world and how long we had to wait for him to come home.  We're just now getting comfortable putting him into certain situations.  So, yesterday he got his first professional photos (that we did some, but we didn't particularly like them.  At least not well enough to spend money on them), we got our first professional photos as a family, and J and I got photos as a couple.  We had a few maternity photos made, but I hated them.  Hated them so badly that I still haven't been to Olan Mills to pick them up.  LOL  They may just stay there forever. they are:


  1. Those turned out wonderful! I love the one of you holding him up

    1. That is everyone's favorite!! I love it too.