Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's just be real here...

With 4ish weeks left of my Stay At Home Mom gig, I'm getting some sort of handle on it.  But, let's just be real about it, it's not nearly as glamorous as some bloggers make it.  Not even kind of.
There is no makeup, unless we're going somewhere...
There are no clothes put on, unless we're going somewhere other than walking the dog...
The hair is not done, and not always when we're going somewhere, sometimes it's just up in a ponytail...
Working out is sporadic, I might get a mile-plus walk in every other day...
Showering is barely a daily thing, sometimes an every other day thing...let's just be real here.

What does my day look like?
Well, I can't show you the pictures of our morning, as I'm not one to photograph Pierce nursing.  But, we wake up and lay in bed nursing.  I don't mean sit in bed nursing, I literally mean lay in bed.  I love that aspect of nursing...I don't even have to get up to warm a bottle, just pull him next to me and whip out a boob.
We get up, I pump whatever's left. And spend the rest of the morning in my pj pants or shorts and nursing bra.
If I'm lucky, I get my coffee early in the morning...otherwise, it's during Pierce's new favorite time of the day:
Morning play time.  Which, let's just be real here, is sometimes noon play time because we're not on any strict schedule and we just get up whenever we get up.  Any time between 10 and 11 most days.

I don't know who this person is that takes over my body during play time, singing and clapping, dancing to Baby Einstein CDs.  No, wait, I do know, it's Mommie Amanda who loves to see these faces:
Happy boy

kicking around, dancing to the music
the pig is my hopes of helping him find his hands lol

Laughing at Mommie dancing around to B-I-N-G-O

"Mommie, you're kinda crazy"

The face I get most often lol
So, since we're being real...this is what I look like 5 days a week...some times 6 days a week.  Poor J:
yup, keeping it real, that's me sans makeup...and yes, my nursing bra.  Told ya
And, for our walks, we look fabulous:
He looks thrilled huh?

There you have it...just being real...a day in the life.  If Pierce let me, I'd show you the wreck we call a living room.  Baby stuff...EVERYWHERE


  1. Loving all those faces! He is so precious!

  2. He is so so precious! I think as he grows, it would get easier to learn how to handle being at home all the time. I have a lot of stay at home mom friends and they say that the key to getting dressed/putting on makeup is just getting up and doing it, even if you don't have anywhere to go. Hmmmm. I see myself being a bum more often than getting dressed. Haha. We shall see!!

    1. Are you going to stay home? I know you've said you'd love to, didn't know if that was the final plan or not. It's pretty awesome to stay home and bum out! lol. I figure What's the need in putting on makeup if I'm not leaving...that's just money used on the makeup and make up remover lol. J swears he doesn't mind me in my bum clothes and no makeup

  3. OMGGG!!! hilarious! Those faces are so funny! He's such a little character already!!! Girl, you look so good for just having a baby!!!! PS. J is lucky to have you no matter what you look like or what you have on and you and I both know that ;)

    PS. Love the new blog look!!!!!

    1. you're too sweet! Thank you.
      He really is a character, it's crazy!