Thursday, October 18, 2012

An exciting preview!

I have several blog friends, followers, and IRL friends who are pregnant or brand new Mommies like me.  So, when I was contacted by What to Expect about partnering with me I was first skeptical...little ol' me?  I have less than 50 followers and just babble about whatever is going on in my life.  But, after talking it over with J, could this be legit?  We decided that I should write back and find out.  Sure enough, legit.  Someone at What to Expect likes my blog?  Wow.  I'm flattered, really.  Heck, I'm flattered that I have 46 followers!  46 of you actually care about my blog enough to follow?  Thanks!!

So, what am I babbling about?  They want me to review their books, and do a giveaway!  I'm waiting on the copies of the books to get to me, then if I understand correctly, not just one but TWO of you guys will also have these books!!

Stay tuned, I'll be sure to keep you guys informed about the books and the giveaway.  And, I want to make it easy for people to enter.  I see giveaways with 15 steps just to enter the rafflecopter, and I runaway from it.  I'm thinking pretty simple, follow me, follow my twitter, follow @whattoexpect, and like their facebook.  Four entries, simple?  I'd enter that giveaway.

**Hoping to get Pierce's 9 week post, and 2 month post done soon.  We spend Sunday through Wednesday at the beach, so I have a lot to update!

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