Thursday, October 18, 2012

9 weeks

Pierce, can't you slow down time?!  Mommie only has 3 more weeks of maternity leave, and you're changing every day!

Same weight stats, as he goes to the doctor Friday and I can update then.

Still wearing size 1 Pampers Swaddlers (LOVE them, for any of my pregnant friends wondering what diapers to get!  SWEAR by these things!)
Still wearing Newborn pants because he's so skinny!  Just chunking up in the cheeks and chin, lol!  Wearing 0-3mo sleepers and some onsies, they're a bit long, but not too much so.

Pierce has:

  •  Been on his first beach trip (October 14-18), we got to accompany Daddy on a work conference! He travelled pretty well, would fuss a bit when he got tired of being in the carseat, but over all just slept.  Complete post about the trip soon
  • Deliberately hits the bug toys on his bouncey seat playbar every time they're infront of him, I loved watching him slowly and purposefully reach out and touch or hit the bugs
  • Spent time away from Mommie.  I went shopping with my bff, while Pierce and Daddy went to visit Pierce's Nonnie and Grandpa JimJim (ever seen Couples Retreat?  The kids call their grandfather Grandpa Jim Jim, and the little kid has a's too cute)
  • Spent time with a "sitter" for a little over an hour while we were at the beach.  THANK YOU, Emily it was great to be able to take some time just J and I to walk the beach and talk.
  • Started smiling, a lot!  He imitates smiles now, has a coo when he smiles some times
The morning of his 2 month birthday

  • Started sticking his tongue out when you stick your's out at him.  His Daddy taught him that one...he's also trying to pucker his lips when you pucker at him...again, Daddy.  J finds these things amazing and teaches him how to make faces lol.  
  • Got his first diaper rash, but we've cleared it up quickly with the use of powder and not pastes or creams
  • Started regularly eating 5 oz, and sometimes wants as much as 2 more ounces an hour later!  Holy growing, Batman 
  • Grabbed his toy rings, though I'm not sure if he did it on purpose or out of madness...he was pissed when he did it.  But, he has started holding our fingers through out the day when our hands are on him or while we hold his bottle.

see, he was pissed lol
I feel like I'm forgetting things, but J can't remember any more either so we'll leave it at that!

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