Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 RECAP!


I had several ups and downs through 2011
Learned from the downs,
enjoyed the ups

Our first month of marriage
More snow than I've ever seen in my life!  Yeah, I'm a southern girl
Sully didn't like it!

Apparently nothing much!  lol
I took no pictures!


J's birthday
Dang my hair was short!
4 tornadoes ripped through North Alabama 
left us, and hundreds of thousands without power for 5-7 days
We showered at a truck stop (what an adventure)
We took cold showers 
We ate room temp food
Cooked crazy food on a grill

That space was a grocery store.  Mixed in that is what was its neighbor, a gas station, and a pharmacy
It was bad
Some folks are still recovering

It was warm enough to go swimming...odd, even for Alabama

and then a few days later I was in long sleeves again...not odd for Alabama

Sixth month of marriage!
We had beautiful weather
Tortured Sully in the pool
 J was preparing to leave in July for boot camp
We spent as much time together as humanly possible

J's niece was born
Proud Uncle J

He was so scared of hurting her
We moved
The lollipop was J's attempt at drawing a pan

I will never again let him drive anything larger than our Kia
My birthday (I was a fish this past summer, I made him swim with me all day)

We made my yearly birthday trip to my Mama's (no pics of her, she doesn't allow that lol)

We got ready for him to leave for boot camp =(
The day before he left we went on a paddle boat ride

I went with him to MEPS to see him off
We had been crying like babies...
We made it through 4 weeks of boot camp and I got a letter from him stating that he had some heart issues and they were sending him home.
Waited two long weeks for a phone call explaining what was going on (thanks, Army)
Finally, I got to go pick him up!!
Seeing him was bliss

I got him a necklace that has our phrase on it
The back has meaningful (to us) Bible verses

I tortured J We had fun at Oktoberfest
Rode several spinny/upside down rides

J got a new tattoo
He may kill me for this, lol.  Wonder what the A is for?  hehehe
I figured out how to curl my hair with my flat iron...yeah, milestone huh?  lol

We enjoyed some warm fall weather with walks

I became addicted to Pinterest
Pizza rolls
We tormented Sully for Halloween


We went hiking

We celebrated Thanksgiving...before I had to go to work

For thanksgiving dinner, we were commissioned to make a ton of sauteed green beans
I taught J how to make them, he's a good little apprentice

We went on a trip to Atlanta
Recap here, here, and here.

Decorated for Christmas

And baked cookies like mad...over 200.  It was fun


We have some changes coming in 2012,
J has a job!
His start date is soon, only one more week of being spoiled with my husband always being home with me when I'm home
I'm excited to get to grow more with my husband, learn, and love.

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