Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remember when I said I was picky....

Remember this post: Picky Picky Picky, where I told you guys just how picky of an eater I am?
Well...to prove how picky, I wanted to tell you about a few of my new foods that I've tried lately.

I've decided I need to eat healthier, doesn't everyone on Jan 1st?  But, I've decided to incorporate it, and make it a lifestyle change.  Not a resolution.
I've done pretty well the past week.
I went to Kroger and got:
Granny Smiths
Red seedless grapes

Baby Carrots
I chose 4 healthy foods, 2 of which I have always eaten and enjoyed.  Two of which I have not touched since being a small child.  And I mean, younger than 5!
I don't ever remember liking grapes, always loved grape juice, but not the fruit itself.  Why?
One word
When you bite into them, they POP!  And explode in your mouth!  Pop, like an eyeball.  EW!  Graphic, but that's what I've always thought.
Oranges, my mom would poke a straw into oranges when I was a kid and let me drink the juice straight from the orange.  I loved it.  But, I wouldn't eat oranges.  Why?
One word...you guessed it
And I haven't drank orange juice in YEARS.  I hate pulp.  I gag when I notice things floating around in my drink (other than ice of course).

So, how did this adventure go?
I got home with my purchases, J and I washed them up, and I popped a grape in my mouth.
There it sat.
J just stared at me.
I wouldn't bite down, I was scared. lol
Finally, J egged me on and I bit down.
It took several grapes for me to get past the popping/exploding bit.  But, man!  They were GOOD!
I have learned I only like the firm grapes, certainly dislike the squishy ones!
Today, after running out of firm grapes, we went to Target.  Sadly, the only red grapes they had were gross looking, squishy and wrinkly.  J convinced me to buy the green ones, said he really liked them, that they were more sour than reds.
Ok, I'll give it a shot.
OMG!  I LOVE GREEN GRAPES!  When really cold, they taste like tiny Granny Smith apples!  Man, I have been missing out on some fabulousness all this time!  YUM!!

Now, onto the Cuties.
Not a fan
I can choke them down, but definitely not as successful as the grape adventure.
The taste wasn't bad, not fantastic or anything, but not bad.  Edible.  However, that texture.  I couldn't handle it.  Seriously, another gross comparison, I told J it was what I imagined biting into flesh would be like.    UGH!
Yeah.  I'm a little dramatic, but it's ok

All of the apples are gone, but I only got one.  J eats apples like a fat kid eats candy!!  I'm not joking, he'll eat 3 or 4 in a day!
Carrots are almost gone, we chowed down on them the other day.

So, I'm wondering what else I will try when the sense of adventure strikes?  I better try it soon while it looks like I'm riding the food-adventure wave


  1. OMG my hubbs loves apples too, borderline obsessed! I love cuties YUM! You should freeze your grapes, I love eating them frozen! The greens are the best frozen, also they wouldnt creep you out as much haha!

  2. I have heard that about freezing grapes, I haven't tried that yet. I need to!