Sunday, December 11, 2011

Travel Woes, ATL part two

J and I were just bumming around town one of the days in Atlanta.  On a limited budget, we got excited when we saw a Moe's and decided that would be a great place for lunch.  It was yum, as always!
We ate, and I wanted to use the restroom before we left.  Well, we both carry (aka, carry guns, we have permits...yes, we are those people), and I had left my purse at the hotel, sticking my wallet in my pocket, holstered gun in my waistband.  The day before, I had my purse, and when I went to the restroom I had just stuck my gun in my purse while I did my business. 
Seeing that I had a problem, I didn't want to lay my gun on the toilet tank because it was rounded and I was afraid it would slide off and hit the ground.  So, I did my best to just steady it, still in the holster on my waistband. 
Can you say, FAIL?
Thank the dear Lord above, that bathroom was a one holer.  As if in slow motion, my gun flipped over, slid ever-so-slowly out of the holster and hit the ground, barrel first....then it slid a good 3 feet.  Had there been stalls, that gun would have hit the ground and slid under then next stall!  Thankfully, no damage to my gun.  HA, that was my worry.  I like my gun, she's pretty!  And, no, she isn't pink!

Our trip to Atlanta was fine, no problems at all, easy ride in. 
Packing, for me, was great.  Got plenty packed, a few extra outfits for mind changes (come on, you know you pack stuff and decide when you get there, that you don't want to wear it!).  J was in charge of his PT clothes, he runs, no matter where we are, I must get that motivation! lol
My darling likes to laugh and joke about me over packing...maybe I do, just a little:
That's for a 3 day trip...ha!
Someone informs me that he forgot his running shorts, remembered his running shoes, but forgot his other shoes.  Well, now we have to find an Atlanta Walmart and buy shoes!  Geez! 
See, over packing and being obsessive about what you pack isn't a bad thing!! 

Our trip home was more eventful that our trip to Atlanta.  We did just fine while J was driving on the interstate getting us back to Chattanooga.  When we stopped at the rest stop, we swapped drivers...and that's where I say it all went downhill.  J says it went downhill when I told him to take the interstate to Chattanooga instead of listen to the GPS when it told us to take highway all the way home. 
Sound familiar?  Yeah, remember I argued with the GPS when I went to get J from boot camp (post here).
So, off we go, pulled out of the rest stop and we were on our merry way.  GPS tells me I need to exit for the highway home in 0.2 miles, so I got over. 
Construction had another idea.  Oh yeah.  Fabulous.  Closed the entire exit, no other option but to keep going.  Thank goodness we had a GPS to begin with!  We would have been lost.
GPS tells me to keep going, another 25 miles to the nearest exit.  Yup,  we are that far out in Nowhere, TN that we have to travel 25 miles just to get to the next exit. 
I get there, take the exit.  What does the GPS tell me to do?!  Go back east another 10 miles to the next nearest exit!  Why couldn't I take the exit I had just used?!  Because it was Arnold Air Force Base.  So...of course I argued with the GPS and drove us right on to the Air Force base! 
We got turned around, back on the interstate for another 10 miles, to the highway exit. 
We drove through AMISH COUNTRY!  When I say Amish Country, I'm not I may be known to do.  As far as I remember, we didn't see any red lights, one caution light, and about 3 cars.  No gas stations, nothing. 
It was beautiful though
J telling me to stop taking pics and pay attention to the road
We made it home in one piece...we loved having that time, totally uninterrupted, just the two of us. 

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