Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Randoms

I'm suffering from a bad case of blogger's block...
So, what does one suffering from blogger's block do?

Friday Randoms!

For those of you who read about the deputy that was shot, if not catch up here, he has been moved from ICU to a room.  From what I know, he is doing very well.

Sully got a haircut Wednesday, and boy he looks adorable!  
Since it's gotten pretty cool down right cold, he wears a t-shirt at night because he shivers.  Poor guy

Doesn't that face just make you melt?
He doesn't mind his shirt, he does however mind his bomber jacket.  Sense that makes?  None

The husband has decided that he wants to get his degree.  Great!  I'm all for it, and supportive of him going back to school.  However, I give him a hard time, and call him a nerd because of what he wants to pursue.  
He'll have to get a degree in Physics first, then he can get his masters or
Told you, it's kind of nerdy.
He's even started reading some astronomy book.  Hey, he enjoys it, go for it baby!
  This doesn't mean he's abandoned his dreams of law enforcement

My hair is driving me insane.  I am trying to do more with it, tried this:
Video here if you want to try it yourself
My hair is just this-shy of long enough in the front to do this.  GGGRRRR

Loving me some Marilyn Monroe today, and everyday.  Minus that drug issue bit lol
Why?  Without a rant, that every woman who's not a size 6 or less understands, she was beautiful
Not today's model-thin, jutting hip bones, knobby knees, protruding collar bones.
But average woman beautiful
Prior to Photoshop and airbrushing...what a lot of us ladies look like!
I'm kind of behind on crafting for Christmas.  I just can't get the crafty desire.  Which happens to me.  I get all crafty then that fire burns out.  lol

J and I are going on a trip next week!  Can't wait to get away for a few days, just he and I. 

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