Saturday, December 10, 2011

Picture overload, from ATL part one

Beautiful jelly fish

We got there early and got to see everything eating

Huge manta ray

that's one of the small whale sharks

I was cheesing, because I was that excited

African Cichlids, L O V E these fish


Pretty awesome way to scrub a tank!

These little guys kept going back into their holes, it was hilarious

Upside down jellies!

Another little guy

One of the larger ones, they have 4

So amazing

This guy was playing ball, it was too cute


Loved the starfish, and the hiding octopus

Incredibly active sea otters!

J and the penguins

Sadly, you can't tell that he was shaking his tail feathers


Another diver, in the River Voyager

Emerald Tree beautiful

Albino gator!!

The cutest little sea turtle!

Lion Fish, love them!

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