Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally starting to feel better

Just a few randoms from my life...

I've  been sick for the past week with one of the worst sinus infections I've ever had.  Isn't that enough, you little germs?  No, had to give me an ear infection too.
I have sneezed more in the past week, than any other week of my entire life.  Maybe sneezed more this week than my entire life...
This brings me to my own personal world record
6 sneezes
in a row
this morning.
Can you say, sucks?!

Still, kinda funny

During this sick week, I have subjected the dear husband to whine, whine, and more whine.
Because that's what I do when I'm sick.
Oh, and pout.
I'm pathetic.

More pathetic?
I got excited over this: 

Yup, I broke 1,000 views!  Yay!
And, I think the most pageviews I've ever had in one day was 12?
But, explain to me why I only have 11 followers?
I can see where the same people view, every day!  Follow me folks!  Please? 
Pretty please?

J and I went to our favorite little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant today for lunch before work
He was eating his Mexican rice and I ended up with a pea in my lap!
Let's just say we got some looks because:
"Get your pea out of my lap"
sounds just like
"Get your pee out of my lap"

I've decided to revoke my husband's driver's license during the holidays, I think he needs to repent after he drives during the holidays.
It's ugly folks.
He will call other drivers everything but a Son of Mary
And, oh boy, don't forget to turn on your blinker...I think in his book, that's one of the commandments
Sadly, I'm guilty of not turning on my blinker...but only sometimes

We made the mistake of going to Target, which is where most of this cursing occurred
We had to get ingredients for what we're making this week:
From Betty Crocker, this is the best recipe
I've always enjoyed baking, and have always just used recipes my mother gave me
I used the Betty Crocker recipe from Mommie's cookbook
And Mommie always made the gingerbread cookie dough, but it was from some old cookbook she had.
I called her today and asked her to email me the recipe,
thinking it was some wonderful, passed down through generations, recipe.
What does she say?
"Don't you have a cookbook?  The recipe is in any cookbook"
I told her she was such a dissappointment in the magic-generations-old-recipe department
All my life, I have been picky, she has always made me a delicious chocolate pie with whipped cream topping, not meringue.
So, a few years ago, I called her for the recipe.  How I lived all my life and never saw her making them I don't know.
"Amanda, you just buy a pie crust, and fill it with instant chocolate pudding"
Extreme dissapointment.
I can't even explain it
Just can't.

Speaking of disappointments, 
I remember Santa always had familiar handwriting
Often looked just like Daddy's
I think I was about 8 or 9 when I finally put it all together
That was also the Christmas we got a trampoline
So, it all worked out ok

I'm nervous that Christmas is 9 days away!
I'm making most of our gifts that we're giving, so I'm pretty much covered in glue before work everyday!
And, we're going to have to start baking soon for more of the gifts!
Why can't Santa be real and do all of this for us?!

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