Saturday, December 10, 2011

ATL, part one

J and I went to Atlanta this week, for a short vacation.
It was a mix of relaxation, anniversary, Christmas.

Our trip there was pretty uneventful...though J may say different.
I drove part of the way, and subjected him to my music,
a mix of country, rock, and late 90s/00s rap
You know, "from the window, to the walls, to the sweat drip down my...."
hahaha.  Yeah.  Poor thing.

Traffic wasn't ridiculous, at least not as ridiculous as I expected:

Our hotel was great, we got a wonderful rate on  3 nights for $230?!  Yes, please!
Possibly the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in...
small town girl here, just play along

My first tweet from the hotel may have been
Made it to the ATL! the hotel is NICE! And, has recycling in the room! How nifty is that? J likes the origami toilet paper

It really doesn't take much to entertain me...
I was excited over the dual waste receptacles  yeah...
 Sorry, I didn't take a pic of the origami TP ha

On to the highlight of the trip!
We went to this amazing place:

If you're ever in Atlanta, or even near it, I highly suggest you go to the Georgia Aquarium.  
Largest aquarium in the world, 10,000,000 gallons
One of only 2 aquariums in the world that have whale sharks
The list of amazement goes on and on, you must go
Instead of loading this post down with pics, I'll juts post a few here and then several on another post.  Work?  Maybe? lol

Beluga Whale

One of the amazing whale sharks

I was so excited, they were too too cute

we had a bit of a discussion

In front of my FAVORITE fishes in the world!

How fun!  We got to see the divers cleaning tanks

He says, "What up?"
  Tomorrow, I'll tell you about dropping my gun in the bathroom

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