Friday, January 13, 2012

The tale of Taco Pie

I decided that I was going to make a new recipe, I wanted something that required ingredients I could use in many different recipes.  So, I found myself on Betty Crocker's website:
I remembered being an adventurous 14 year old and convincing my mother to let me make Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie (recipe here).  The family ate it up and we enjoyed it, so I made it a few times for family dinners.
So, when I found Impossibly Easy Taco Pie (recipe here), I thought, "Hey, J loves tacos, why not try this?!"  I got all kinds of excited.  I made it while he slept after his first overnight shift at the new job, so that he could wake up to fresh, hot lunch.

It was really easy to make, and looked great coming out of the oven.  I failed at making it come out in pie-slice-form.  Got it on our plates, after J's first bite he asked for salsa.  That should have been my first clue, but it wasn't because he loves salsa.
I thought it was a little bland, nothing incredibly spicy or anything, but I thought it was good.  J's grandmother loved it, went back for seconds, as did J.

So, we packed up, ready to go to work, and I packed the leftovers for lunch.  Leftovers being an entire half of the pie left.  lol.  J and I now work in the same building, he gets lunch when I get off.  He said he wanted to save his Taco Pie for his break later in the night and just wanted to run by Wendy's for his lunch.  This was Clue #2

I asked him when he got home if he had eaten the rest of his pie, hey, I thought it was good!  Clue #3 was that he just didn't have time to go eat the rest.  lol

Fast forward to today.  I asked him if he wanted to meet me for lunch, since he's off today and we haven't seen each other much the past few days.  I suggested that we could eat the Taco Pie he left in the fridge here at work.  Clue #4, "I'd rather go eat somewhere"  LOL
Finally, after Clue #4, I told him that he can be honest with me, that I was figuring out that he was less than thrilled with my new recipe.  I told him that my feelings will not be hurt if he tells me he doesn't like a recipe I try, that I don't have to make them again.
He has still yet to flat out say he doesn't like the Taco Pie, but it's ok honey, I won't make it again (he reads each post, he's a doll).

What's on the agenda tomorrow for our Adventures in Recipes?  I call it Pepperoni Casserole, but Betty Crocker says it's Pizza Biscuit Bake (recipe here)
I'll let you guys know if he drowns it in salsa or makes excuses to not eat the leftovers hahaha

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