Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've been keeping a BIG secret...

We're pregnant!

We found out Christmas morning.  
Christmas Eve I just knew I needed to take a test, so I told J that I was going to take one the next morning
If it was negative, so be it, I'd enjoy a few drinks at my parents' house that night
If it was positive then we'd have ourselves a Christmas gift!!

Well, I woke up at 630, knowing we had a full morning and still had to pack for our quick trip to my folk's house.
So, off I stumble into the bathroom
Pee on the stick
Set it on the counter for what felt like forever
I'm sure it was only about 30 seconds
Still just the one line.
So, I think to myself, "I guess I get to have a few drinks tonight!"

No sooner did that thought go through my head,
I looked back down at the test

"Oh.  My.  God."

I looked at it again, a little closer

"Oh My God"

I walked into the bedroom, clicked on the lamp, and woke up J
He looked at it, and in his defense the line is pretty faint
"Why are you showing me a negative pregnancy test?"

"Look again"
He says I said, "Look again, stupid"
I disagree

He squinted his eyes and looked again...
"Oh Sh*t!"

And, with that, he was WIDE awake!

We told family that day.
And told them that the test was faint.
The day after Christmas J insisted that we go to Target and get the ones that read
Pregnant/Not Pregnant

Let me tell you, 
reading "PREGNANT" across a test gives you far more butterflies than a faint line
We may have been more excited over the Clear Blue test than we were with the first

Of course we called the Doctor the next day and had our first appointment a week later.

Ultrasound on tomorrow's post!

**See why I've been absent from blogging?  I was SO afraid I was going to let it slip!  Plus, I've been so exhausted lately that I don't have much to talk about other than being sleepy and nauseated! LOL

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