Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wonderful weekend!

Well...a wonderful Sunday.  Yesterday I just laid on the couch sickly all day.  Oh well...I enjoyed the relaxation.

Sunday J and I met wonderful family friends for lunch, an amazing time as always.

On our way home, we decided that we wanted to go walking.  It was sunny with highs in the 50s.  Not too cold to throw on a sweatshirt and enjoy the nature trails.

We walked around a new trail we'd never been on.  It was nice, flat and short, but it was nice.  We enjoyed the ponds, and since there were no other people around, we let Sully off leash...and he LOVED it!
J, checking out the possibility of fishing lol

Maybe you guys remember that our area of North Alabama got pounded with 4 tornadoes April 27, 2011.  To the best of my memory, 2 of them went right through the area we were walking.  Demolished the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and its neighbor, a pharmacy.  And by demolished, I mean rubble.
J and I kept seeing debris still in the trees, and it brought sadness to our hearts.  There are still people rebuilding, from April.  There is still evidence of the horrible attack from Mother Nature all over the west side of our county.  However, we did find one little thing that we thought was kind of neat.
A tiny vial from the pharmacy, in the woods.  It was only blown about 300 yards.  I guess you don't think of things like that.  But, we found it.

That dark speck near J's left shoulder is Sully
When we went back through another trail, of course my nut of a husband found a downed tree (obviously from the tornadoes) and shimmied right up it

LOVE my honeybee!

I have to tell a story on him, one that I shared on Facebook and Twitter...
Sunday morning, while getting ready to meet friends for lunch, I asked J to turn on my flat iron.
It was still sitting in a tray that I keep all of my daily things in.  My deodorant had fallen in between the plates of the flat iron...
I walked in, while he was shaving, to the oddest smell of melting plastic and cucumber melon...
I'll just let my deodorant speak for the situation:

Yup...that's J's handiwork!  Only J...only J


  1. It still makes me so sad for Alabama because of the tornado, so I was especially happy that they won the championship this year....I think they needed some happiness like that!

    1. Most places are recovered. however, sadly, there are still several people in our area still rebuilding. Alabama is strong! We may be 49th in the nation in education,lol, but we have a real sense of community!