Saturday, January 14, 2012


After the disaster that was Taco Pie (catch up here), I was a little nervous to make my next new-found recipe, Pepperoni Casserole.  But, J helped and got more excited to try it after we got halfway through putting it together.  So, that made me feel better.
25 minutes later, we invited J's aunt over for lunch and all sat down to eat.  It looked pretty drool-worthy.

It was great!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Yup, 3/4 gone!  I'd say it was a success!  And, J is excited to have leftovers for dinner.  It's already been talked about to make several for meal for extended family.  

If you want to make it, I really think you could use more cheese, more or less sauce, more or less pepperoni and other pizza-like toppings if you'd like.  
Oh, and a must add, that is not on the recipe: garlic powder.  
Lots of it because the bisquick mix covers the garlic flavor. 
Because, seriously, what is pizza without garlic?!  

But, it's delish, try it out!!

**nice thing about this recipe?  Bisquick is offered in gluten free, you can get turkey pepperoni which (to me) tastes no different than regular, you can also get nitrate/nitrite free pepperoni.

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  1. Oh wow, that looks so good!