Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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My bff Ashley, who is 10wks pregnant, just two more months and I know if I have a niece or nephew!!!

My brother is home safe and sound from Afghanistan after too many months (I forgot, less than a year more than 6 months lol).  I don't think I told ya'll!  So, I get pics sent to me of my crazy babies (niece and nephew) every day!  I think my fave I've ever gotten of them is this one:
Rayleigh & Brayden (summer 2010)
J's niece (somehow more descriptive to me than our niece, let's you know the niece is from J's side, lol), Amelia...hanging out with Auntie at Pizza Hut
I'm loving that J sat and watched a double episode, aka 2 full hours, of Teen Mom 2 with me last night.  Don't let him fool you, he enjoys it.  Just not like most folks.  He yells at the juvenile moms, tells them that if they didn't do this or that bad decision they wouldn't have this or that problem that they're bitching about.  It's rather hilarious.
Speaking of Teen Mom, have you read the latest on the mom to twins?  Leah?  Yeah...check that out here.  I won't get on a soap box!  lol

I'm loving that J started his new job this week.  After a year of struggles, ups and downs, and uncertainty, a JOB!  A good job!  He's got a rocking schedule, a long week and a short week, which makes up for his necessity to work nights.  Tonight is his first night to have to work all night, also our first night apart since he was in boot camp!!  It's alright!  lol

What are you loving this Wednesday?


  1. BAHHAHA I love that he watched Teen Mom...I feel like men really do love those's so true!:)

  2. I will have to get him to guest post his opinions on Teen Mom...I doubt that he'll ever do it lol