Saturday, January 28, 2012

8 Weeks...

8 Weeks

Today has been rough, I woke up and just could not shake the sleepies.
All day, I've been exhausted, after 9+ hours of sleep.

We went out to lunch to get my favorite nachos
I may not be eating those again until the 2nd tummy is NOT happy my icky, somewhat ill mood, I thought I'd start a list of the things people ask me on a regular basis...already

Are you excited?
One of these days, someone is going to ask that while I'm in just the wrong mood and I'm going to look them straight in the eye and say, 
"No, why?  Should I be?"
Of freaking course we're excited, what kind of question is that?
You don't ask that of a happily married woman in her late's not like I'm a 16 year old girl who doesn't know who the baby daddy is! (And I'll bet some of them are excited, too)

Were you trying?
Is it rude to look at someone and ask them if they really think that's any of their business?
Because I think it's pretty rude to ask someone if you're not really close friends with them
And if you are really close friends, I'd guess you probably already know the answer to that...
just saying

Are you taking prenatal vitamins?
I'm a fairly well educated human being.  I may not have completed college, but I do have all of my applied health prereq's done.  I realize that looking at me you wouldn't think, "Oh, she has had A&P classes"
But, come on.  I am intelligent enough to come in out of the rain and know I need prenatal vitamins.

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I guess it's just natural curiosity to ask, but wow.  I'm just 8 weeks, at this point I want to make it through the first trimester healthy, then we'll worry about the sex of the baby.
We really just want a healthy baby, that's all.  As cliche as that is.

How's the morning sickness?
I guess because it's such a common pregnancy symptom, people assume just because you're pregnant means you're puking.
I'm not, not yet at least, and I'd like to keep it that way.
I guess I'm being superstitious and thinking that the more I tell people I'm not puking, the more likely I'll be to eat those words soon

How are you feeling?
Do you really want to know?  lol
Because I know a lot of people ask that out of  Don't ask unless you really want to know that I'm exhausted, nauseated, jealous that you're drinking your 3rd cup of coffee, bloated, constipated and gassy...Oh, and my boobs have already gone up a cup size (because I needed more in that department to begin with? HA!)

I'm sure this list of annoyances will only grow with time, lol
But, today, I'm in a funk and the questions just drive me crazy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

There's something alive inside of me?!

J and I went to see baby on our first ultrasound on Tuesday.  It was surreal, I think that's the best descriptor I have for it.
Poor J had to have been nervous, or unsure of what to do, because he just stood in the ultrasound room.  I pointed to the two chairs, then told him to sit down, he kept standing.  I went to the bathroom and came back, still standing; the tech got us a DVD to record the ultrasound, still standing; I disrobed, still standing.  Finally, I sat on the table and ordered him to sit, lol.
Thankfully, friends have told me that the first ultrasound isn't a tummy ultrasound, but a trans-vaginal, so I was able to warn J.
Once the ultrasound started, I couldn't see the screen, but J could.  I just watched his face when she didn't have the screen turned around to me.  Seeing his grin, from ear to ear, was just as good as seeing Baby and hearing Baby's heart beat.

7wks3days heart rate of 143bpm

Getting to see Baby was amazing.
But strange.
Am I the only first time Mommie-to-be, or Mommie for that matter, that thinks this?

I mean, I'm beyond the moon excited that we're going to have a child to raise in the love that we have (go ahead, barf, lol)
But, being only 7 weeks, I just don't feel pregnant yet.  Yes, I haven't had a period since around Thanksgiving (TMI?); yes I have nausea, though thankfully not all day, though it seems to be gradually increasing; yes, I have started to gag when I cough (thank you seasonal allergies).
But, I just don't feel pregnant yet.
So, it was surreal to see this living, moving thing inside of me.  To hear a heartbeat that isn't mine.
Am I the only one?

All that said, I am super excited.  A baby isn't something I wanted growing up, I wasn't ever that kid/teenager who said, "When I grow up I want to be a mommie!"  It was just never a dream of mine.
That all changed when J and I married and I realized this man will be the father of my child/ren.  Why?  Because all of a sudden, I had a love I had never imagined possible.  This was a love I wanted to share, in a way I never wanted to share before.  I wanted to have a child with J, to raise in the love we have together.

So, here we are, waiting for September!
Advice?  Anyone?  lol

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've been keeping a BIG secret...

We're pregnant!

We found out Christmas morning.  
Christmas Eve I just knew I needed to take a test, so I told J that I was going to take one the next morning
If it was negative, so be it, I'd enjoy a few drinks at my parents' house that night
If it was positive then we'd have ourselves a Christmas gift!!

Well, I woke up at 630, knowing we had a full morning and still had to pack for our quick trip to my folk's house.
So, off I stumble into the bathroom
Pee on the stick
Set it on the counter for what felt like forever
I'm sure it was only about 30 seconds
Still just the one line.
So, I think to myself, "I guess I get to have a few drinks tonight!"

No sooner did that thought go through my head,
I looked back down at the test

"Oh.  My.  God."

I looked at it again, a little closer

"Oh My God"

I walked into the bedroom, clicked on the lamp, and woke up J
He looked at it, and in his defense the line is pretty faint
"Why are you showing me a negative pregnancy test?"

"Look again"
He says I said, "Look again, stupid"
I disagree

He squinted his eyes and looked again...
"Oh Sh*t!"

And, with that, he was WIDE awake!

We told family that day.
And told them that the test was faint.
The day after Christmas J insisted that we go to Target and get the ones that read
Pregnant/Not Pregnant

Let me tell you, 
reading "PREGNANT" across a test gives you far more butterflies than a faint line
We may have been more excited over the Clear Blue test than we were with the first

Of course we called the Doctor the next day and had our first appointment a week later.

Ultrasound on tomorrow's post!

**See why I've been absent from blogging?  I was SO afraid I was going to let it slip!  Plus, I've been so exhausted lately that I don't have much to talk about other than being sleepy and nauseated! LOL

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wonderful weekend!

Well...a wonderful Sunday.  Yesterday I just laid on the couch sickly all day.  Oh well...I enjoyed the relaxation.

Sunday J and I met wonderful family friends for lunch, an amazing time as always.

On our way home, we decided that we wanted to go walking.  It was sunny with highs in the 50s.  Not too cold to throw on a sweatshirt and enjoy the nature trails.

We walked around a new trail we'd never been on.  It was nice, flat and short, but it was nice.  We enjoyed the ponds, and since there were no other people around, we let Sully off leash...and he LOVED it!
J, checking out the possibility of fishing lol

Maybe you guys remember that our area of North Alabama got pounded with 4 tornadoes April 27, 2011.  To the best of my memory, 2 of them went right through the area we were walking.  Demolished the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and its neighbor, a pharmacy.  And by demolished, I mean rubble.
J and I kept seeing debris still in the trees, and it brought sadness to our hearts.  There are still people rebuilding, from April.  There is still evidence of the horrible attack from Mother Nature all over the west side of our county.  However, we did find one little thing that we thought was kind of neat.
A tiny vial from the pharmacy, in the woods.  It was only blown about 300 yards.  I guess you don't think of things like that.  But, we found it.

That dark speck near J's left shoulder is Sully
When we went back through another trail, of course my nut of a husband found a downed tree (obviously from the tornadoes) and shimmied right up it

LOVE my honeybee!

I have to tell a story on him, one that I shared on Facebook and Twitter...
Sunday morning, while getting ready to meet friends for lunch, I asked J to turn on my flat iron.
It was still sitting in a tray that I keep all of my daily things in.  My deodorant had fallen in between the plates of the flat iron...
I walked in, while he was shaving, to the oddest smell of melting plastic and cucumber melon...
I'll just let my deodorant speak for the situation:

Yup...that's J's handiwork!  Only J...only J

Saturday, January 14, 2012


After the disaster that was Taco Pie (catch up here), I was a little nervous to make my next new-found recipe, Pepperoni Casserole.  But, J helped and got more excited to try it after we got halfway through putting it together.  So, that made me feel better.
25 minutes later, we invited J's aunt over for lunch and all sat down to eat.  It looked pretty drool-worthy.

It was great!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Yup, 3/4 gone!  I'd say it was a success!  And, J is excited to have leftovers for dinner.  It's already been talked about to make several for meal for extended family.  

If you want to make it, I really think you could use more cheese, more or less sauce, more or less pepperoni and other pizza-like toppings if you'd like.  
Oh, and a must add, that is not on the recipe: garlic powder.  
Lots of it because the bisquick mix covers the garlic flavor. 
Because, seriously, what is pizza without garlic?!  

But, it's delish, try it out!!

**nice thing about this recipe?  Bisquick is offered in gluten free, you can get turkey pepperoni which (to me) tastes no different than regular, you can also get nitrate/nitrite free pepperoni.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The tale of Taco Pie

I decided that I was going to make a new recipe, I wanted something that required ingredients I could use in many different recipes.  So, I found myself on Betty Crocker's website:
I remembered being an adventurous 14 year old and convincing my mother to let me make Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie (recipe here).  The family ate it up and we enjoyed it, so I made it a few times for family dinners.
So, when I found Impossibly Easy Taco Pie (recipe here), I thought, "Hey, J loves tacos, why not try this?!"  I got all kinds of excited.  I made it while he slept after his first overnight shift at the new job, so that he could wake up to fresh, hot lunch.

It was really easy to make, and looked great coming out of the oven.  I failed at making it come out in pie-slice-form.  Got it on our plates, after J's first bite he asked for salsa.  That should have been my first clue, but it wasn't because he loves salsa.
I thought it was a little bland, nothing incredibly spicy or anything, but I thought it was good.  J's grandmother loved it, went back for seconds, as did J.

So, we packed up, ready to go to work, and I packed the leftovers for lunch.  Leftovers being an entire half of the pie left.  lol.  J and I now work in the same building, he gets lunch when I get off.  He said he wanted to save his Taco Pie for his break later in the night and just wanted to run by Wendy's for his lunch.  This was Clue #2

I asked him when he got home if he had eaten the rest of his pie, hey, I thought it was good!  Clue #3 was that he just didn't have time to go eat the rest.  lol

Fast forward to today.  I asked him if he wanted to meet me for lunch, since he's off today and we haven't seen each other much the past few days.  I suggested that we could eat the Taco Pie he left in the fridge here at work.  Clue #4, "I'd rather go eat somewhere"  LOL
Finally, after Clue #4, I told him that he can be honest with me, that I was figuring out that he was less than thrilled with my new recipe.  I told him that my feelings will not be hurt if he tells me he doesn't like a recipe I try, that I don't have to make them again.
He has still yet to flat out say he doesn't like the Taco Pie, but it's ok honey, I won't make it again (he reads each post, he's a doll).

What's on the agenda tomorrow for our Adventures in Recipes?  I call it Pepperoni Casserole, but Betty Crocker says it's Pizza Biscuit Bake (recipe here)
I'll let you guys know if he drowns it in salsa or makes excuses to not eat the leftovers hahaha

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Link up here
My bff Ashley, who is 10wks pregnant, just two more months and I know if I have a niece or nephew!!!

My brother is home safe and sound from Afghanistan after too many months (I forgot, less than a year more than 6 months lol).  I don't think I told ya'll!  So, I get pics sent to me of my crazy babies (niece and nephew) every day!  I think my fave I've ever gotten of them is this one:
Rayleigh & Brayden (summer 2010)
J's niece (somehow more descriptive to me than our niece, let's you know the niece is from J's side, lol), Amelia...hanging out with Auntie at Pizza Hut
I'm loving that J sat and watched a double episode, aka 2 full hours, of Teen Mom 2 with me last night.  Don't let him fool you, he enjoys it.  Just not like most folks.  He yells at the juvenile moms, tells them that if they didn't do this or that bad decision they wouldn't have this or that problem that they're bitching about.  It's rather hilarious.
Speaking of Teen Mom, have you read the latest on the mom to twins?  Leah?  Yeah...check that out here.  I won't get on a soap box!  lol

I'm loving that J started his new job this week.  After a year of struggles, ups and downs, and uncertainty, a JOB!  A good job!  He's got a rocking schedule, a long week and a short week, which makes up for his necessity to work nights.  Tonight is his first night to have to work all night, also our first night apart since he was in boot camp!!  It's alright!  lol

What are you loving this Wednesday?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I wanna show mine off!

I think I'm a few days late, but I've seen several people showing off their rings on this linkup, and I just had to brag on mine.  My dear did the best job and I love my rings.  Not too big, not too small, and look FABULOUS on my hand!

Happiness is...
LOVE my rings. They mean so much to me, so many things.  They're a great symbol of our love.

The pic isn't fabulous because, surprise surprise, it's from my cell phone!  lol

Here's the stock pic from the website:

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok... be worried about my grandmother, she went in for a 2 phase back surgery today.  After the completion of phase 1, they checked her vitals and didn't continue on with phase 2 because they didn't like some of her cardiac readings.  So, if she's cleared by a cardiologist, they'll proceed with phase 2 next week.  I do not like this, not one bit.
Please pray?  Please?  I will beg buy the family sized macaroni, because it's twice as much as the regular size, but only 40 cents more.  Yay for left overs and saving money want to scream at work because the county has come apart at the be drinking 3 liters of water at work each day, and having to pee at least hourly! be so tired at the end of the day lately, that I go home and fall asleep.  It doesn't help any that I work until 11pm have cut out most junk food from my diet and now instead of craving junk food snacks, I can't stop thinking about GRAPES!  Give me GRAPES!! have had a million other ideas for this post, and I have only posted one because I can't remember the rest.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This Kind of Love
I'm loving that Sully has been a snuggle-bug since this really cold snap hit
However, I'm not loving the cold snap lol

I'm loving that I have an inside job...I've worked outside before, as an Animal Services Officer.  Let me tell ya, chasing dogs in the cold aint fun!  lol

I'm loving that I had a low key NYE, it was wonderful.  Just J, Sully, and I relaxing on the couch and watching the ball drop

Not sure why the pics are blurry, thanks camera phone
I'm loving a lot of things, but I've been so exhausted every day lately that my brain is quite foggy and I can't think of anything else.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remember when I said I was picky....

Remember this post: Picky Picky Picky, where I told you guys just how picky of an eater I am? prove how picky, I wanted to tell you about a few of my new foods that I've tried lately.

I've decided I need to eat healthier, doesn't everyone on Jan 1st?  But, I've decided to incorporate it, and make it a lifestyle change.  Not a resolution.
I've done pretty well the past week.
I went to Kroger and got:
Granny Smiths
Red seedless grapes

Baby Carrots
I chose 4 healthy foods, 2 of which I have always eaten and enjoyed.  Two of which I have not touched since being a small child.  And I mean, younger than 5!
I don't ever remember liking grapes, always loved grape juice, but not the fruit itself.  Why?
One word
When you bite into them, they POP!  And explode in your mouth!  Pop, like an eyeball.  EW!  Graphic, but that's what I've always thought.
Oranges, my mom would poke a straw into oranges when I was a kid and let me drink the juice straight from the orange.  I loved it.  But, I wouldn't eat oranges.  Why?
One guessed it
And I haven't drank orange juice in YEARS.  I hate pulp.  I gag when I notice things floating around in my drink (other than ice of course).

So, how did this adventure go?
I got home with my purchases, J and I washed them up, and I popped a grape in my mouth.
There it sat.
J just stared at me.
I wouldn't bite down, I was scared. lol
Finally, J egged me on and I bit down.
It took several grapes for me to get past the popping/exploding bit.  But, man!  They were GOOD!
I have learned I only like the firm grapes, certainly dislike the squishy ones!
Today, after running out of firm grapes, we went to Target.  Sadly, the only red grapes they had were gross looking, squishy and wrinkly.  J convinced me to buy the green ones, said he really liked them, that they were more sour than reds.
Ok, I'll give it a shot.
OMG!  I LOVE GREEN GRAPES!  When really cold, they taste like tiny Granny Smith apples!  Man, I have been missing out on some fabulousness all this time!  YUM!!

Now, onto the Cuties.
Not a fan
I can choke them down, but definitely not as successful as the grape adventure.
The taste wasn't bad, not fantastic or anything, but not bad.  Edible.  However, that texture.  I couldn't handle it.  Seriously, another gross comparison, I told J it was what I imagined biting into flesh would be like.    UGH!
Yeah.  I'm a little dramatic, but it's ok

All of the apples are gone, but I only got one.  J eats apples like a fat kid eats candy!!  I'm not joking, he'll eat 3 or 4 in a day!
Carrots are almost gone, we chowed down on them the other day.

So, I'm wondering what else I will try when the sense of adventure strikes?  I better try it soon while it looks like I'm riding the food-adventure wave