Thursday, August 23, 2012

The most precious moment of my life

We went for Pierce's 8pm visit.  We walked in and did not see something BIG....


He has a little CPAP in his nose blowing constant air and pressure with 35% oxygen.  The night nurse had literally just changed him over to the CPAP.  Poor little fella was still upset from having the vent tube removed from his throat.  He was doing his best to cry.  It was the cutest hoarse, mouse cry you've ever heard.
She looked at us and said, "want to hold him?" Tears, immediately.  I nearly ran to get gowns from the front of the NICU.
I came back and the nurse swaddled him up tight, got us seated and situated his IV, feeding tube, and CPAP tubes so we could hold him.

As soon as that precious baby was placed in my arms I couldn't stop the tears from falling.  The single most amazing moment of my life.
His birth was great, but they rushed him off so quickly, I only pecked his cheek and saw him for 5 minutes the first 24 hours of his life.  In the delivery room, he had aspirated so much amniotic fluid he couldn't cry really.  We could definitely tell that something wasn't right.
So, hearing that squeeky hoarse cry, having him calm down immediately in my arms...I can't describe it, other than the most precious moment of my life.  Hands down.  Nothing comes close.

We got to hold him on his 1 week birthday.  Best family birthday gift ever.  Thank you, God.  He got a fabulous birthday gift too!  No more ventilator!!

God is good, ALWAYS!
Thank you for all of your support and prayers, please keep them coming....we're hoping he comes home early next week, but that's our hope.  He still has to come off of the CPAP, drink out of a bottle, and then try breastfeeding (because that's our choice, not a hospital requirement).  I think there may be one more thing that I'm forgetting.  She was telling us this information while he was in my arms...I kinda wasn't listening to anything. lol

I know I said I was being reserved about the pics I was going to post of him while he was still hooked to breathing machines, but I can't help but share these pictures with the world!

My heart melted, right then and there

Most precious moment of my life

Nurse didn't know how to use J's camera phone...but still the most important photo of the day!


  1. Oh mama! Choked up over here! I cannot imagine what you are going through and pray and pray you get to bring that precious baby home soon! There is nothing like holding your brand new baby in your arms, NOTHING. And when the grow up and don't fit in your arms anymore?! It's still precious :) Stay strong girl, thinking of you and your family!!

  2. What an amazing moment! So glad you finally got to hold him! Continuing to pray for the little man!