Thursday, August 2, 2012


I haven't been posting very consistently for a few weeks or so, and I have random bits floating around in my you get this peek into my brain:

  • I won't drag out the issue, but I'm pretty dang sick of the Chic-fil-a mess.  Whether you agree or disagree with the owner's opinion, note the word opinion, I don't care.  You agreed or disagreed prior to him stating his opinion on a Christian radio station while discussing his Christian-based booming business.  What did you expect?  And those who are b*tching about the, hello, you're just perpetuating the hate, just the other shoe.  Why can't we put those shoes together and walk together?!    Eat your damn chicken.  Or, don't.  
  •  We are having a hard time wrapping our brains around the fact that Pierce will be here in 4 weeks, four.  Excited, nervous, ready?  We've been organizing his nursery, all of his clothes through 3 months size are washed, folded, and put away.  His changing table is set up.  
  • We haven't bought a crib mattress yet.  Lol.
  • The apartment is still rather disheveled.  I'm trying to get it organized, but being 35 weeks pregnant, I'm worn out easily, and can't lift much.  This is J's long week at work, meaning he pretty much sleeps and works all week.  Next week is his short week (working only 2 days), so we should be able to get more accomplished
  • I've been temporarily moved to 3rd shift, to cover a vacancy and my own volunteering.  The call volume is far lower, less stress.  I've actually noticed a decrease in swelling in my feet and ankles...not my hands but I'll take what I can get.  
  • Pregnancy insomnia has kicked in.  Hence why I'm awake on my off day at 6am.  I laid down yesterday morning after getting off at 7am...laid there wide awake until 1030, got up watched tv for an hour.  Still didn't fall asleep until after noon.  J had gone to sleep with a migrane that morning, so we both slept until 5.  Because of my crappy sleep, and who knows why for J, we went to bed at 130 this morning...both wide awake at 540am.  Nice.  Good thing we can take naps lol
  • J is excited that I'm catching up on blogs...he can watch the Military channel without me bitching.  
I'll do my weekly pregnancy update either this afternoon or tomorrow some time...though not much has changed.


  1. so exciting for you and so glad i came across your blog! Just wanted to say hi! If you want to check out my blog I'm having a Giveaway going on! Feel free to check it out since it ends Friday! I can't wait to read more about your blog :) Happy Th!

  2. Hahaha Paul loves when I'm blogging too, because it gives him quality time with the xbox. Can't believe he will be here in 4 weeks!