Monday, August 13, 2012

Life certainly doesn't go as planned!!

Had my 37 week appointment today.  My blood pressure had been higher than they liked, but not anything to worry about, since 34 weeks.  Well, today, 150/90, no bueno.  Explains my skull-splitting headache that I had Saturday.
During my exam, the doctor noticed that he couldn't find Pierce's head or butt, and that nothing had progressed, not where he wants him to be at 37 weeks.  So, with the blood pressure issue, he wanted an ultrasound.  Yay, we got to see our boy!!
Pierce is BREECH, explains his incredible movement said the nurse.  He measures approximately 7 pounds 7 ounces!  He is a feisty boy, and she said if he were head down he wouldn't have the room to be so active.  His amniotic fluid is low, it should be 10 (ml? cc? I don't know what measurement they use) but he has 8.2.  Not dangerous yet, but my Dr wasn't comfortable with it.  I was hooked up to monitors, no contractions at all and Pierce's heart beat was great.  He punched the monitor that was on him, he ran around in my belly to avoid it...always moving.
Before we left, we talked about me working.  Dr said I could work tonight, but not tomorrow as we are looking at a scheduled C-Section Thursday.  But, they checked my blood pressure again...dundundun...150/120.  "Bed rest, starting now.  You can only get up to use the bathroom or get food.  No dishes, no lifting anything, nothing.  Sit still until Thursday"

We're having a baby!!

I'm excited, nervous, freaking out...OMG

I'm just asking for prayers for Pierce, and my sanity.  I've never had abdominal surgery, but I'm thinking about the positives.  
  • We know his birthdate will be August 16, 2012
  • No labor
  • No pushing lol
  • None of the icky things that come along with a vaginal delivery...tearing, swelling, etc ew
That's all I can think of now lol

So, Pierce Eamon will be here Thursday!  As soon as I can update about him, I will...or get J to do it.  I'll also be sure to have pics on twitter, instagram, and facebook.  

J is about to bust out of his skin he's so excited.  I love it.  


  1. I'm so excited for you! I'll never forget his birthday, either, being the day after mine! :D

  2. AHHHHH!! Seriously so excited mama!!

  3. Yay! Sort of scary but definitely exciting!

  4. YAY!!! Congrats!!!! I'm so excited for you both.

  5. exciting!! can't wait to see pictures!! : )