Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pierce is STRONG!!

Our precious son is STRONG!!
Pierce is still in the NICU, but since I last updated (sorry it's been a few days) he has done so well!!  Yesterday he was taken off of his sedative and the dopamine, he is now acting like a new born!  He sleeps most of the time, when he's awake he's looking around absorbing his world.  He has dark dark blue eyes right now.  He's precious, absolutely precious.  His dark hair looks to either be growing, thickening or both!  He has the cutest button nose!  The nurse found him a paci that works with the tubes in his mouth, and he LOVES that thing, loves it.
He came off of the nitric oxide today, and is doing well with that, he's being slowly weaned off of the ventilator to be placed on the CPAP/nasal canula.  As soon as the vent comes out, WE GET TO HOLD HIM!!!!
He came off of his billi-blanket, not sure that I updated that he had slight jaundice, but the blanket took care of that.
Pierce started eating yesterday, by feeding tube of course, he lost his breakfast and lunch, but kept down his dinner.  He's kept down all of his meals today!  VICTORY!  He has had 2 poopy diapers today.

I have 2 rookie parent diaper to tell on each of us!

I'll go with mine first...
We visited at 8am, our usual morning visit.  We get to change his diapers now,  and touch him.  It's awesome!  So, I went to change his diaper, it was just a wet one, no big deal.  Got it changed, no problems. The group of doctors did their rounds talking about each baby, they stopped and talked about Pierce, it's amazing to hear doctors talk about how very very sick your baby was and how wonderfully he's progressed!  While they were talking, I notice his nurse acting kind of funny, covering part of his bed with her hands.
They walked away, she says, "Would you like to see what he just did?"  Pierce peed, right out of the leg of his diaper, all over his billi-blanket.  We started laughing.  His nurse said she bet she knew what happened.  Sure enough, when I changed him I didn't get his boy parts pointing straight down...what?!  I don't have those parts!!  Apparently, if you leave their parts pointed to the side, they can and will pee RIGHT out of the leg of the diaper!!  So, we had to take his diaper off, sponge bathe him, change his bedding, and get a new diaper on him!
Mommie has now been puked (yesterday's lunch), and peed.  Something I must get used to! LOL

Daddy's turn at the 4pm visit.  Opened that diaper up, and WHAM!  That baby black/green tar slime poop that sticks to EVERYTHING.  I died laughing.  Pierce got his foot in it, then got it on his leg.  I had to stop laughing and help J!  J ended up with it all over his hands, normally this would make J gag and maybe vomit...I knew having his own baby would change that!  He wiped, and wiped, and wiped, seemed to take a whole pack of wipes.  I jumped in to help too.  While we were lifting his little butt, we saw some movement and thought he was going to poop more so we set his butt back down.  After nothing happened, we lifted again, only to see movement again then out comes the tiny baby fart!  We died laughing.  Wipe and wipe some more and finally, the last wipe or two here comes some more movement.  FAAAART.  Too funny
So, Daddy has been pooped and farted.
Welcome to parenthood!!

I think that's all of the updates...he's made such progress that I'm afraid I'm forgetting part of it!

I would post more pics, because he looks SO much better than he has, but we're being very reserved with how many pics of his face we put online because of the ventilator.  We have posted a few on facebook and instagram, so if you're in that loop you know how handsome my boy is.  The rest of you, hang on, I'll share his handsome face as soon as he looks "normal".  I just don't want to put too much out there with his little vent.  Poor fella.

I'm home and doing just what I normally do.  not even a c-section can get me down!  I seem to be healing well, minimal pain meds.  Still having to take blood pressure meds daily and can tell I'm still having blood pressure issues.  But, I have a baby in the NICU to visit and see, so I can't slow down.
We go every 4 hours, spend about an hour there, so with travel time (thankfully we live close) we have 2.5 hours to ourselves between visits.  I use that time to pump and rest like I've been ordered to do by so many people.  I may be lucky to get half hour naps 2x a day.  I go to bed around 11, wake up usually at 1 and 4 to pump for 15-20 minutes, up at 630 to get ready for our day of NICU visits and pump again before we leave.  Whew!

Thanks for all of the prayers, please keep them coming

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  1. I've definitely been praying for y'all!! He is such a little fighter!! Strong baby boy!!