Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My desire to blog is here, but having something interesting to talk about has disappeared lol

  • I have ridiculous insomnia.  I don't sleep more than 2ish hours at a time before I wake up to either pee or stare at the ceiling, or theory is: At least when Pierce gets here I'll have a reason to be awake every 2 hours, there will be a purpose for my exhaustion.  Right now, it's just annoying as h*ll
  • I have equally ridiculous indigestion.  Only, it's not heart burn, it's like no indigestion I've ever had before. You know when you eat a mint and either don't get it crunched into small enough pieces, or eat too many mints and you get that odd minty indigestion?  That's what I have.  It really sucks, btw
  • My bff of 23 years had her baby Monday morning around 4am.  He's adorable.  She's the bff that was 4 weeks ahead of me with her first pregnancy, too.  REALLY seals the reality for me lol.  Pierce will be here soon!
  • J and I got off of work Monday at 6am, slept (me until 9am, him until noon) and got up and went to Nashville for the afternoon to see Ashley and walk around Opry Mills Mall.  I had to go to work Monday home after 2 hours of sleep that morning, and slept for another 2ish hours before work.  I've not been so tired and beat in years.  I'm still making up for it.
  • Dr appt yesterday, 36 week appointment...I'll fill you guys in tomorrow!
  • We're closer to having the nursery finished, I'll probably update that tomorrow or this weekend some time
Just thought I'd update ya'll on life...since i've been sucking at blogging lately.  Maybe I'll get better...who knows, with a newborn and being a first time mommie, I have no clue what I'll have going on in my brain lol

hope everyone is doing well

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  1. Shew, no sleep sucks! I slept okay while I was pregnant (this time around) but I had the same TERRIBLE INDEGESTION. I feel for you friend :(