Saturday, June 2, 2012

The mighty blow to my ego

Monday starts 3rd timester, I've gotten through the second with literally 5 shirts that I cycle through.  I just have not seen the need in spending a ton of money on clothes I will wear less than one year; and at this point, doubt I'll ever wear again (J wants 2, I laugh at him).  So, a friend told me that Burlington Coat Factory has maternity, and for cheap.  Oooh, ok, I'm game!
So, today on my lunch, I headed on over.  Figured I could get a dress and a top and be set.  I took 3 tops and 2 dresses into the dressing room. First off, HOLY BOOBIES BATMAN.  I knew they had gotten bigger, but come not be able to fit them into a size large dress?  I knew it was down hill from there.
This is the Large that wouldn't accommodate the girls

Now, remembering the fact that the girls wouldn't fit into the Large dress, at all...tell me how in the world the medium shirt fit?  LOL.  It fit, and looked ok but I couldn't get past the pattern.  Made me look about 50 pounds heavier.  Twiggy girls can handle that pattern, or maybe it's just me and I am so plain Jane simple that my brain wouldn't handle it.
And, whose idea was it to put a band at the bottom of maternity tops?  It's not flattering!
Tried this one in blue
And then, the piece that sent me over the edge into full on Moo-Cow-mode?
Tried it on in a different color/pattern, but you get the idea.
First off, who makes a maternity dress that low cut?  Second, who puts that much pattern in a horizontal manner across a belly?!  Third, and this may be the largest point to make...WHY DID I EVEN TRY IT ON?!  This is something I wouldn't try on at my thinnest!  Must be the hormones making me crazy...take a peek at this...if your eyes dare.  Warning, the girls are out there!

I mean...wth?!
See what I mean?!  I realize if I had better posture it might help matters, but come on.  And, I had to cut my head off because I was making a serious WTH face to send this to J!  LOL.

Guess I'll be sticking to Old Navy and Target!!


  1. I laughed out loud on this. I love you and the bambino :)

  2. HAHAHAHA you crack me up!!! Aren't the huge boobs so nuts!?? Man oh man! lol

    1. I mean, they're normally large, but dang! Come on boobie fairy!! LOL!