Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The best $15 I ever spent...RIP friends

Yesterday afternoon something tragic occurred....the sunglasses I've had since 2007 broke.  For no real reason.  I took them off of my head after swimming and the part over my ear was snapped and only held on by the rubbery decoration.  I nearly cried.

Below you will find a memorial montage of my beloved sunglasses....may they rest in peace

When they were in their original color, blue
Yes, originally they were a nice dark shade of blue, with dark unscratched lenses.  Dark enough I could wear them on calls when I was an Animal Services Officer (aka: dog catcher...little known blog fact about me!) and no one could see me sizing up everything around me...they thought I was talking to them.

Last year...look closely, you can see the fade happening
I think the pool bleached them the most, but they still held up for me.  Supported me, protected my eyeballs whenever they started to squint.  Helped J give me the nickname "Mole"

Last photos of my beloved sunglasses
They had fun with me...went antique browsing in Kentucky...and the last picture I have of J and I while I'm wearing them...
And...the very last picture of me wearing dear Old Blues, and I'm sure they were broken in this picture I was just blissfully unaware:
Forgive the hair...it was a no style/ponytail day

So, I finally did what J has been bugging me to do for months now...buy new sunglasses.

Here's my moment of silence for my poor beloved sunglasses......

LOL  Thanks for letting me be silly!!  I did love those sunglasses, and I'm not completely satisfied with the new ones.  Too girlie, as Old Blues were mens lol, and they're not dark enough.  I like my shades DARK!

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