Thursday, June 7, 2012

27 Weeks!

27 Weeks!
3rd Trimester!
Que holy freak out

Why do I feel better about myself in my weekly photos than I do in person? lol

How far along are you? 
27 Weeks

Total weight gain: 
More than I wanted to gain, but not too much  

How big is baby?:
What to Expect says a head of cauliflower! (16 inches head to toe) and 2.5 pounds!

Maternity clothes
always...the closer it gets to my due date the less I want to spend any more money on anything new

Stretch marks?:  
On my hiney!!  I was NOT a happy camper to find those!  
Still applying Palmers religiously
But I've started getting spider veins on my belly?!  
I guess because I'm so white and just don't tan

pretty ok, some nights I get so hot I can't sleep and I toss and turn.
Over all, no complaints

Best moment this week?:
His Daddy getting to feel him move several times this week


Food cravings?:
ice, ice water mostly
I just want anything COLD

Food aversions?:
Not too bad, kind of depends on the day

Labor signs?: 
NO!  Stay put Baby!

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, but I can see the bottom of it...which is a new thing in my life lol

What I miss: 
sleeping WELL, and not being tired all of the time and congested...
I'm constantly congested

What I'm looking forward to: 
getting our place so I can set up Pierce's nursery

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Summer, I'm already hot! 
We've already hit 91 degrees!
Another round of pain from the hydronephrosis

Hiccups!  I realized he was having hiccups yesterday afternoon.


  1. You look so cute! Can't believe you only have a few more weeks!

    1. ACK! Don't say it like that...a few! LOL 12 means a few more months! LOL