Thursday, June 14, 2012

28 Weeks!

28 Weeks!
12 to go!

It's been crazy here, between an early doctor's appointment yesterday morning and the car messing up and having to go to the shop/dealership today at 7am I forgot to take a picture!  Maybe I'll add it in later in an edit!  Likely I'll forget that too! lol

How far along are you? 
28 Weeks

Total weight gain: 
I was not pleased with the number on the scale yesterday...however Dr C didn't say anything about it and said everything looked great.  So, I guess I shall not fret.  

How big is baby?:
What to Expect says a small cabbage (17" 2.9 pounds)

Maternity clothes
always...the closer it gets to my due date the less I want to spend any more money on anything new

Stretch marks?:  
On my hiney!!  I was NOT a happy camper to find those!  
Still applying Palmers religiously
But I've started getting spider veins on my belly?!  
I guess because I'm so white and just don't tan

getting less and less easy to sleep through the night
More tossing and turning, which is growing increasingly difficult to do as the belly grows

Best moment this week?:
watching him move and make my belly turn funny shapes on Sunday night.  He hasn't done it since, it's like he has one BIG day of moving ALL DAY LONG and then he doesn't move a whole lot for several more days.  Must wear him out

see above lol

Food cravings?:
The past two days Sonic watermelon slushes...
ice, ice water mostly
I just want anything COLD

Food aversions?:
Not too bad, kind of depends on the day

Labor signs?: 
NO!  Stay put Baby!
Some Braxton-Hicks

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, but I can see the bottom of it...which is a new thing in my life lol

What I miss: 
sleeping WELL, and not being tired all of the time and congested...
I'm constantly congested

What I'm looking forward to: 
getting our place so I can set up Pierce's nursery

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Summer, I'm already hot! 

Not sure it's a milestone really, but I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday
waiting on those results...with my craving for slushes lately, let's hope it's a good result!  lol

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