Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My wonderful friend, Emily, threw me a baby shower Sunday.  It was great!  I really felt loved, cared for, and blessed by the people that came and the wonderful gifts they gave!!
We all had a great time, talking, laughing, and eating!

Emily made cute, delicious cupcakes, and had quite the spread!  I stuffed my face!  LOL
Speaking of my face, I can't get over how much my face shape has changed since getting pregnant!  Nuts!  I hope it goes back to normal after Pierce is born!!

Anyway: Photo dump!

I insisted on helping her set up, my piggies became puffy!

The hostess and I!
I'm so much taller than she is, I have to squat lol

HA, not sure why I was giving her this face!!
The punch was YUM! The cupcakes were delicious, the diaper cake was inedible LOL, and the food was amazing!

Everything from the shower...blessed I tell you!!
After looking at all of Pierce's gifts, I decided I needed to organize his clothes.  So, I laid out all of his clothes in the floor and organized them by size.  Our boy does NOT need anything newborn, diapers or clothes, nothing0-3mo either!  I guess you could say I had a bit of a nesting spell!!
Here's some of the mess I made, but, if you could have seen it in person you'd see that it was stacks and stacks of clothes in size order!

This doesn't show ALL of it, there was a huge pile on the other side of the bed too!
So, I was amazed to find out just how blessed and loved Pierce, J, and I are!!

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  1. Aw that was so nice of her! Looks like a beautiful shower.