Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

  • Dear Kia: Thank you for the adventures in driving while the gear shift is locked.  All of a sudden Wednesday, we couldn't get the car out of neutral into reverse (and park)...and then out of park into any other gear.  How do you remedy this?  Pop the cover off of the Shift Lock Release, and shove a screwdriver into the Shift Lock just to get the car parked or moving.  Lovely huh? 
  • Dear Kia Dealership: Thank you for getting that taken care of ASAP...other than the bummer of having to get up at 6am to meet J at the dealership so we could both go back home and go to sleep.
  • Dear Sully: Your limp is pathetic, however I can see right through you.  Funny that you only limp when you think someone's watching, when you want attention.  Funny how the limp magically heals itself when you are running full speed around the house playing.  Funny it also heals itself when you go outside to potty and stand on that leg to pee.  
  • Dear Weekend: I want warm weather!  Hot even.  Seeing as how I have Saturday-Monday off, I'd love nothing more than to spend at least half of that time in the pool.  No rain, and heat.  Got it?  It is summer after all, so this gloomy cloudy 80s mess can go on any time.
  • Dear Phone: It would be nice for you to deliver my husband's text messages to me, all of them and not just every 4th or 5th one.  Because by the time I get those, he's pissed because I haven't been answering the rest of them.  (I realize that sounds controlling, but it isn't.  I'm someone who responds to texts quickly, so it's totally abnormal for me to not respond to several texts)
  • Dear Braxton-Hicks: Not a huge fan of your's...I realize that you haven't shown me all of your wrath, not even hardly, but it's still no fun.  You can also take your friend Puffy Ankles with you.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, sucks about the vehicle. At least they fixed it I guess!

    I had braxton hicks pretty early on with my son but with this one I still haven't had any and I'm 32 weeks.

    Hope you get LOTS of sunshine this weekend!!!